The Kris Wu Scandal: Media reveal that Wu will not escape severe punishment, Another female comes forward and presses charges against him

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The Kris Wu scandal is taking major turns every day. The Chinese media stated that the former EXO member and actor will not be able to escape severe punishment coming his way as the Chinese media will not let him set a bad example for the youth as he is a very influential image. Another female “A” came forward and pressed sexual assault charges against Kris Wu. Read on to know more.

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THE KRIS WU SCANDAL: Kris will not escape punishment

It has been reported by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) that Kris Wu will not be able to escape a very severe punishment as the Chinese government wants to set an example with him. The SCMP has revealed that the Chinese Community Party takes the issue of Kris seriously because it believes that fan clubs are more influential than the Chinese Community Party. Therefore, the Chinese Community Party is taking this case to set an example to gain control of a group of people.

SCMP has analyzed that Chinese authorities have chosen Kris to set an example because of the seriousness of his case. In China, sexual assault or rape of a minor is a death sentence if found guilty. Kris, a former EXO member, has been working in China since leaving the boy band. He was arrested by police on March 31 on suspicion of sexually abusing and raping underage girls after luring them to his hotel for a private fan rally or a company interview or music video scouting.

Kris Wu accused by another female “A”

According to A’s lawyer, “During a trip to LA a few years ago, ‘A’ attended a fan meeting hosted by Kris Wu.” ‘A’gave Kris Wu her contact details that day, and after that when they met, ‘A’was sexually abused. ‘A’ was still young at the time. “

It is known that Wu held a fan conference in Los Angeles, California sometime in 2016. Media reports continue that most of the accused “victims” of Wu gave similar evidence concerning their experience. They said they met Kris during a fan meeting or interview, they had to turn on their cell phones, be asked to drink alcohol, etc.

A’s lawyer is currently seeking more “victims” who are willing to go public to pursue legal action against Wu. Meanwhile, he is also currently facing allegations of sexual harassment by his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Du Meizhu.

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