The Kris Wu Scandal: Netizens react to rumours that Kris Wu’s youngest victim may even be just 12 years old

kris wu scandal

The Kris Wu is getting more and more intensely bad every day, with revealed pictures of the former Exo member sitting in a jail cell with his head shaven to speculations that the artist was trying to end his life and rumours about his youngest victim being just twelve years old. Read on to know what this really means.

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There has been an entertainment industry in China as many brands and companies have been on the verge of removing Kris Wu from all promotions. Even Chinese media have cleared up Chris Wu’s trial after the celebrity was arrested and will be investigated for alleged sexual assault and rape.

In addition, many media outlets have been publishing articles and reports speculating on the case and requests for its whereabouts. A Chinese news outlet has published a suspected photo inside the jail, claiming that former EXO member, singer and actor Chris Wu is currently being held there pending his investigation into sexual harassment charges.

In the past few days, there have been a number of allegations on the web as Chinese network operators shared on social media that the youngest victim, Kris Wu, may be only twelve years old.

This anonymous information has been shared in various Korean online communities where network operators have expressed their disgust. Netizens said,  “Tell me that isn’t true,” “Is he crazy?” “Wow, he really deserves a death sentence if that is true,” “That is really shocking,” “That’s so young, omg,” “He really needs a death sentence if this is true,” “This is disgusting,” and “Is this real?”.

Kris Wu Facing Sexual Assault Charges

On August 5, Chinese media published a suspected photo from inside the jail, claiming that former EXO member, singer and actor Kris Wu is currently being held there pending an investigation for the sexual harassment case filed against him.

According to Chinese reports, Kris Wu was allegedly photographed spending time in a JAIL cell in Chaoyang, with his head pointed low and showing signs of fatigue. The pictures revolve around a certain personality we call Kris Wu.

Kris also invited underage girls to his apartment or house for which he is being criticised online. The artist is being held in jail as reported by some Chinese media outlets.

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