The New Blackpink? HYBE’s new girl group supposedly has skills that are comparable to BLACKPINK

will hybe launch the new blackpink

Is HYBE launching the new Blackpink? HYBE Labels, home to the Kpop sensations like BTS, TXT and Enhypen is preparing to launch the entertainment agency’s first-ever girl group. The new girl group will be making their debut in the fourth quarter of this year. The group will be launched in collaboration with another label called Source Music which HYBEn acquired somewhere in 2019. Read on to know more.

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Will HYBE launch the new Blackpink?

HYBE, home of BTS and TXT, will be launching a new girls’ team in the fourth quarter of this year. HYBE Corporation was preparing for a new girls’ group in partnership with Source Music, a subsidiary company acquired back in 2019. Bang Si Hyuk, chairman of the HYBE LABEL’s board of directors, and Jin Min-Hee, head of the brand (CBO), who have launched popular girl groups like Girls’ Generation, f (x), and Red Velvet in SM Entertainment, at the forefront of producing this girl group.

The company is attracting attention as this will be their first girl’s team to go to for the first time. However, there are concerns that it could have a negative impact on the fourth quarter and performance next year because it takes time for a group of rookie girls to have a large size of fandom.

When will the girl group Debut?

The chief executive of HYBE labels said on August 9, “We are preparing for the launch of the girls’ band in the fourth quarter. The exact arrangement of their first number, number of members and genre is still a secret.” The official added, “We expect a lot from within the company because members with visuals and skills can be compared to BLACKPINK.” HYBE originally planned to launch a girls’ team in October this year and confirmed that they plan to start the group before this year.

According to reports by Kipris, the patent and trademark search website of the Korea Intellectual Property Office, HYBE labels registered trademarks such as ‘RED MARBLE,’ and ‘CHAKHO’ in July. Some think it might be the possible name of a new girl group.

It was also revealed that HYBE is conducting price trials in 16 cities in seven countries, including the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea.

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