NCT 127’S NEW Record: Do you know how many copies are in pre-orders for NCT 127’s 3rd full album ‘Sticker’? Read Now

nct 127 million seller in just one day

NCT’s Seoul-based subunit NCT 127 surpassed 1.3 million pre-sales on their latest full-length album called “Sticker” in just twenty-four hours. After NCT Dream’s biggest comeback ever, it’s time for 127 to shine. While NCT 127 is preparing for their comeback, Wayv’s Lucas and Hendery dropped the teaser for their new track “Jalapeno”. Read on to know more.

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NCT 127: A million seller once again

According to SM Entertainment on August 24, NCT 127’s next third full album ‘Sticker’ has recorded nearly 1,329,000 copies in previous orders.

In fact, pre-orders for ‘Nick Sticker’ for NCT 127 opened on August 23 worldwide. Now, about 24 hours later, pre-album orders exceeded 1.3 million copies! Back in March 2020, NCT 127 became ‘Million Vendors’ for the first time since the release of their full 2nd album, ‘NCT # 127 Neo Zone’. It looks like the band is ready to put another ‘Million-Selling’ record under their belt with their upcoming album, ‘Sticker’.

Prior to this, a captioned video was shared showing two different sides of the boy band where the boys could be seen playing video games, reading books, and working remotely from scratch only to further comparing the lives between university students and their miraculous lives.

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NCT and WAVY’s Lucas and Hendery to release new track “Jalapeno”

After Ten and Yang Yang dropped their song “Low Low” as a subunit of WAYV, it’s time for Lucas and Hendery to shine when they drop their new track “Jalapeno” as another one of Wayv’s subunits. Prior to the rappers, the main vocalists of WAYV, Kun and Xiajun dropped their ballad “Back to You“. The new song by Lucas and Hendery will release on August 25, 6 PM KST.

Watch the music video trailer for “Jalapeno”

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