THE SILENT SEA: Gong Yoo, Bae Doona & Lee Joon starrer ‘The Silent Sea’ opens up in space

the silent sea starring gong yoo reveals first look

Netflix Korea has announced the first official look of its upcoming sci-fi series “The Silent Sea”. Set in 2075 when the world is barren, desert, and insecure. The poster depicts Bae Doona as Song Ji An wearing a spacesuit, on the face of the moon. ‘The Silent Sea’ will be released on December 24 on Netflix. The main cast includes Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon.

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Balhae Research Station has been abandoned for a month and will be searched. A special team is leading a new, monthly tour to seek out a mysterious sample. Compiled by Gong Yoo as Han Yoon Jae, team leader on the way to the moon, Bae Doona as Doctor Song Ji An, an astronomer who lost his sister in a tragic accident at the station and Lee Joon as Captain Ryu Tae Seok, an engineer and former soldier, the journey begins.

Earlier today (November 22), the broadcast station shared the official poster of the much-anticipated series and revealed its first ever date. A mysterious new poster featuring astronomer Song Ji-an (played by Bae Doo-na of Sense8) in a stern voice as he stands alone somewhere in space.


The truth behind the mystery of the accident and following the sample, a refreshing story of space rescuers will appear in ‘The Silent Sea’. The drama is based on the short film ‘The Sea of ​​Tranquility’ by its author and director, Choi Hang Yong who will also direct the version of the drama.

The eight-episode series will be available for broadcast on Netflix worldwide on Christmas Eve (December 24). Significantly, squid Game’s Heo Sung-tae is also set to play one of the protagonists in the series.

Silent Sea is based on director Choi Hang Yong’s short film 2014, The Sea Of Tranquility. Choi is back to direct Netflix acquaintances, co-authored by award-winning screenwriter Park Eun-Kyo.

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