The Weeknd halftime performance at Super Bowl 2021 becomes a ‘Viral Meme’

The Weeknd Boycott Grammys

The Weeknd halftime performance at Super Bowl 2021 becomes a viral meme after a 3 seconds close up video from the act went viral online.

The Weeknd, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer has been the talk of the town lately. His confused and puzzled look from his act at the Super Bowl has become a viral meme and layout a fresh talking point and theme for the members.

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. Since 2004, the game has been played on the first Sunday in February. The halftime performance is one of the most looked-forward events during the annual championship games. 

The Grammy-winning artist grabbed a lot of social media attention. Netizens took this short clip of The Weeknd from his performance and started creating memes by juxtaposing it with different ordinary aspects. HE WAS THE SOLE PERFORMER at the 55th Super Bowl which bored the audience and guests.

One of the Weeknd’s biggest hits is Blinding Lights, and he did indeed perform among some blazing, blinding lights, with a crowd of 25,000 funneled into Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.

The singer has worn bandages and fake blood before as part of an established character, but for the game, he didn’t go with any of those props. He was seen ambiguous and puzzled in a mirror room while singing his very much loved song, Can’t Feel My Face. The video was shared by the official account of the NFL.

Have a look at this short clip of The Weeknd from his performance:

The reaction of the Netizens:

This close-up video of The Weeknd, which the camera recorded, was found quite funny and hilarious. The meme creators and other Twitter users took this short clip to their Twitter handles and created some really hilarious memes by describing their most relatable emotions.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets by some prominent people and memers which will surely make you laugh and will make your day.

Kristin Chirico tweeted, “The Weeknd looking like he’s live-streaming a haunted house”.

Some people compared this short clip with ‘losing your mom in a grocery show’  while some people compared this to talking with co-workers on Zoom meetings.

The Weeknd performed some of his greatest hits that included songs like Call Out My Name, Starboy, The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face, I Feel It Coming, Save Your Tears, Earned It, House Of Balloons, and Blinding Lights at the 55th Super Bowl.

Watch out for the full 14 minutes performance of The Weeknd shared by the NFL on YouTube.

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