The Weeknd’s performance at Super Bowl 2021- Celebrity reactions and Viral memes

The Weeknd's performance at Super Bowl 2021- Celebrity reactions and Viral memes
Canadian singer and songwriter, The Weeknd gave a smashing halftime show performance at the 55th Super Bowl, and it has taken over the internet by a storm. The halftime performance in America’s most anticipated football tournament is one of the most looked-forward events during the annual championship game, and it’s safe to say that the wait for this performance was absolutely worth it.


The Weeknd’s act was a medley of his greatest hits, including ‘The Hills’, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, ‘I Feel It Coming’, ‘Save Your Tears’, ‘Earned It’, and ‘Blinding Lights’. It is now being widely talked about on the internet, with also various memes flowing out from one of his song performances.

The Canadian singer kicked off his performance with his blockbuster song from 2016 “Starboy”, and then continued with his other hits. He made his way on and off the stage during his 14-minute performance.

The visuals of the entire performance were mind-blowing as we see him surrounded by many dancers while he sings in the middle. Beautiful neon red and blue lights fall on him that fit the vibe of his songs.

The Weeknd’s performance went down a storm on social media with his fellow celebrities, who offered their appreciation on their social media accounts.

Did The Weeknd Pay to perform at Super Bowl? And much did The Weeknd pay for their performance?

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One moment from the performance has also now become a viral meme

One particular moment has turned into a viral meme; when he was performing his song “Can’t Feel My Face” and is looking around in a confused and dazed expression while holding the camera. Here are some of the most hilarious memes made out of this one-second clip.

Abel Tesfaye (real name of The Weeknd), who spent $7m (£5m) of his own money on the production, clearly felt it was best to let the music speak for itself.

Was The Weeknd’s performance worth the $7 million?

While many people absolutely loved the whole performance this year, many others argued that it was not up to the level of the most-watched event on US television. However, most fans and celebrities were more than satisfied with the and have been congratulating Abel for the amazing performance.

Drake described the show as “a big moment for the city” on his Instagram story, while Dionne Warwick, everyone’s favorite octogenarian on Twitter, wrote that she “loved the set and pyros”.

Last year’s half-time show, starring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez was watched by 103 million viewers, more than the 99.9 million who tuned in for the game itself.

Each year, Hollywood legends such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, etc, previously have taken the country by storm with their mind-blowing performances.

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