“The Witcher S2 Is Gonna Be Confusing”: Henry Cavil Dishes On What To Expect From Season 2

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Netflix’s most awaited fantasy show “The Witcher” is coming back with season two this Friday. The show is based on the books written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and a game with the same is also very popular among fans. The show stars Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan. The first season of the show came out on Netflix two years ago and achieved a massive viewership of 76 million across the globe. Geralt is Rivia is back with his white mane and deep voice, this Friday.

From what we can see from the trailer, there seems to be an improvement in the production, narratives, and correction of the confusing timelines. Here’s what Henry Cavill has to say about the new season.

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“It will be confusing”: Henry Cavill talks about The Witcher S2

The director of The Witcher announced that he will be moving forward quickly with the storyline in the first few episodes, Unfortunately, one of the victims of Geralt’s new idea of ​​governing Geralt himself: Cavill is still a lot of fun in the role, and his new impetus with Ciri reveals a defensive nature to him that we have never seen before.

Henry, while talking about the new season said that the new episodes will focus more on Ciri and Geralt’s relationship as she trains to become a witcher, and some aspects of the second season will be a little more confusing than the first which was full of mind-boggling timelines.

ANYA CHALOTRA: ‘I’ve shown so much of myself to the world’

Anya Chalotra who plays the role of Yennefer of Vengerberg said that she has “shown so much of herself to the world” through the Netflix series “The Witcher”. Chalotra’s Yennefer has been instrumental in the show’s success because, during its first season with a timeline, it was her character who appeared several times. We see her grow up, young, scared, and energetic, which are many of the things a character should play for a character who has just graduated from drama school.


Season 2 begins with a vicious attack of mysterious creatures, with cut limbs thrown into the air. It could be the opening of a very effective monster movie, and when the delivery of these animals takes the show to a terrifying exit scene, it tends to be on solid ground rather than trying to make fun. Some ridicule among boys singing carousing Witcher in the castle, for example, is unquestionably excruciating.

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