“There is absolutely no shame in this”: GOT7’s JB reveals that he has been diagnosed with Clinical Depression, reveals he is receiving treatment

jb reveals he is suffering from an illness

GOT7’s JB reveals that he has been diagnosed with Clinical Depression, reveals he is receiving treatment.

 On MBC’s recent episode of Home Alone aka I Live Alone, SHINee’s Key revealed his honest thoughts on late bandmate and lead vocalist Jonghyun’s death and how it took an emotional and mental toll on the members. He also shared his reluctance on speaking about his late bandmate, fearing people taking advantage of it, but as of today, he is in a better state of mind to speak of the issue. He misses his dear friend a lot, but he is learning to come to terms with it. Now, another K-pop star made an honest confession about his mental health, GOT7’s leader and vocalist, Im Jaebeom aka JB.

After Got7’s departure from JYP, JB was the only member out of the septet to not reveal what projects he’s been up to lately, unlike the other members.

In an interview with ARENA magazine, JB revealed that he has been diagnosed with Clinical Depression and that “he didn’t know he had it until the official diagnosis and thought he was just weaker mentally than other people.⁣” He also shared that he is now undergoing therapy and taking necessary medication and treatment, and is feeling a lot better too! JB also shared some honest and heartfelt advice for fans who might be reading his interview. He revealed that mental illness is also a kind of illness and encouraged fans to seek professional help if needed. He reiterated that there is absolutely no shame in this and one must take care of their mental health.

He shared that fans mustn’t lose hope and have faith in themselves. He also shared a piece of advice that fans might find useful, which is that one must explore the outdoors for fresh air and positivity. Finally, he concluded by saying that, one must be honest to their own selves and to others too. Recently, JB hit back at haters and antis who accused him of being lazy and inactive, while the rest of the members work hard on their newer venture.

Prior to this, Got7 launched their own youtube channel and surprised fans with a new single “Encore”. This is their first group song since leaving JYP Entertainment.

“We’re Back!” Just a simple tweet from BamBam was enough to send fans in a frenzy. Exactly a month, since their departure from their former agency, JYP Entertainment; GOT7 members took to Instagram to post the English alphabets of the word Encore, building fans’ curiosity. Jackson added green hearts to his Instagram story, fueling the possibility of an OT7 comeback. However, Ahgases were taken by surprise, when GOT7 dropped not one but two surprises. The MV is so breathtakingly amazing, it brings tears to your eyes. Showcasing the moments of the seven members in a monochrome setting, they looked the happiest with each other.

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