“There was never a time in which I got swept up in a situation or felt desperate”: Read Kim Soo Hyun’s Full Interview with Vogue Korea

KIM SOO HYUN for vogue korea

Kim Soo Hyun recently participated in a pictorial and interview for Vogue Korea and his looks were out of this world. Actor talked about his careers, life, childhood experiences, depression, future dreams and much more. Read Now

Kim Soo Hyun’s Full Interview with Vogue Korea

During the interview, the actor was asked about being more than a decade into his career. Kim Soo Hyun answered, “I first started in 2007 and somehow I’ve already found myself here. If I look back, there were abundant times to the point of excess, but there were also times when I regretted, retreated, felt a lack. I can’t judge whether I was right or wrong when I look back on the past, but I also don’t feel like I should have avoided those situations. Time will pass, and whether it’s an honor or a wound, both of them leave traces. I’m still running toward a dream, and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to make myself heard as an actor, but I’m still able to endure the feelings that surround me now.”

Kim Soo-hyun was discharged from his military duty in 2019 and made his comeback in 2020 with It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The K-drama follows the story of Ko Mun-yeong and Moon Gang-tae who discover that their traumatic childhoods were intertwined, and the two grow closer as they become each other’s pillar of support. The actor opened up about his comeback, life lessons from his training and his upcoming projects.

Kim Soo-hyun left a mark with It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. The tvN show had the actor play a caretaker. The show became a hit among K-drama viewers and featured on the list of New York Times’ Best International Shows of 2020. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay was the actor’s comeback show after completing his compulsory military training.

He continued, “There was never a time in which I got swept up in a situation or felt desperate, but there was a time when I needed a break. Fortunately, this was around when I enlisted and I found both my question and answer at the same time. I did a movie in between, but not everyone goes to the theater, so the last time people could easily see me was in the 2015 drama ‘The Producers.’ I was in the military for two years, and no matter how fast I chose a project once I was finished, 2020 was the earliest that people could see me again. I questioned whether I could fill that gap of five years. It wasn’t exactly the fear of disappearing from people’s memories, but rather a sense of pressure about showing a new side of me while remaining familiar. With the advent of digital platforms, the viewers’ choices have expanded, so I couldn’t be the only one staying in place.”

Kim Soo Hyun’s Vogue Korea Pictorials

Kim Soo Hyun’s life post military service

Kim Soo Hyun shared that his values had changed after his military service. “I stopped feeling greed,” he said. “Before then, I felt like I was responsible for doing a certain amount, and I had this greed to make myself stand out with my acting in each scene. But after I was discharged, I learned how to fit in with the overall scheme. The environment of broadcasting is such that one person can’t fill the whole space. It’s only when you acknowledge others and blend in that you and your partner can shine. I also got rid of a lot of negative thoughts. Apart from work, I tended to approach things with a negative attitude. I’m the type to overthink, but now I accept things as they are. If I can, I try to be positive, but at the very least I try not to dig too deeply into it. If I try too hard to perfect something, then I get stuck in that rut and lose something else. Then I get more regrets, and it ends up poisoning all my attempts to start something new.”

He explained how that change in values had translated to his first project after his military service, the drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.” “Unlike my previous work, ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ was a project that I approached with a really comfortable attitude. I thought that I would feel even more pressure about it since it was my comeback project, but I felt more free with it than any other work I’d done. In the past, I thought, ‘I have to stand out, I have to do more to make my character stand out, I have to succeed with my acting.’ But with ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ I took a step back and approached it with a more contemplative mood. I didn’t need to be super dramatic or dynamic. In a competition full of professionals, trying to stand out only makes you look like more of an amateur. If you only focus on results, then you feel lonely during the flow of the race, so it’s better to finish at your own pace. I approached the drama with that attitude and it went well.”

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He also elaborated upon his upcoming drama titled ‘That Night’ (literal translation) . This year marks his 14th year in the industry since his debut as an actor and over the years, he has shown varied sides of himself and has indulged in all the different colours of his characters. Kim Soo Hyun is preparing for his new drama ‘That Night.‘ It is a fierce story of two men surrounding a woman’s murder case, and is based on the British BBC drama “Criminal Justice.” Kim Soo Hyun introduced the work by saying that, “This genre of drama usually focuses on the process of catching the real culprit but this drama captures the relationship between the main character and the people around him.”

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