“They executed the wrong man” Kim Kardashian shared the story saying Ledell Lee was executed for a crime he did not commit. DNA test proves that it belongs to someone else.

Ledell Lee is not the actual culprit behind Debra Reese murder

Kim Kardarshian recently shared a story where she explains that Ledell Lee, who was convicted and executed back in 2017 for the 1993 murder of his neighbor, Debra Reese, is not the authentic culprit, as validated by the DNA test on the murder weapon conducted exactly 4 years after Lee was put to death. Kim also says that everyone knows who the actual culprit is.

A recent DNA testing on the murder weapon, from which Debra Reese was killed back in 2017, validates the fact that it was someone else who killed Debra and not Ledell Lee, who was put to death without any authentic proof on the case. Ledell Lee maintained that he had been wrongly convicted of murder for 22 years.

Kim Kardashian on Ledell Lee case

In a story she shared by Kim on her Instagram, she said, “The state of Arkansas did not allow DNA testing while he was still alive but a few years AFTER they killed him the DNA was tested on the murder weapon proving they executed the wrong man!” She further added, “Ledell Lee was put to death for a crime he did not commit and we know who did. If this isn’t enough to put an end to the death penalty I don’t know what is !!!”

Check out her story here:

"They executed the wrong man" Kim Kardarshian shared the story saying Ledell Lee was executed for a crime he did not commit. DNA test proves that it belongs to someone else.

Ledell Lee told BBC in an interview published on 19 April 2017 — the day before officials in Arkansas administered the lethal injection, “My dying words will always be, as it has been, ‘I am an innocent man”.

Patricia Young, Lee’s sister who has been fighting for years to prove that it was not her brother who strangled and fatally bludgeoned the 26-year-old Debra Reese in Jacksonville, Arkansas said in a statement, “We are glad there is new evidence in the national DNA database and remain hopeful that there will be further information uncovered in the future”.

“No one should be executed when there is a possibility that person is innocent,” attorney Nina Morrison said in April 2017, just after Lee — convicted in the 1990s — became the first person put to death in Arkansas in more than a decade.

Ledell Lee case

Ledell Lee was convicted and executed for the 1993 murder of his neighbor, Debra Reese. He was convicted in 1995 and the Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed the conviction in 1997, but numerous questions have been raised about the justice of his trial and post-conviction representation.

Lee was charged with first-degree murder, a capital offense. He was alleged to have struck Debra Reese 36 times with a tire thumper. He was convicted of first-degree murder by the jury and sentenced to death on October 16, 1995.

In April 2017, Arkansas planned to execute eight death row inmates including Ledell Lee, along with Don W. Davis, Stacey Johnson, Jack Harold Jones, Jason McGehee, Bruce Earl Ward, Kenneth Williams, and Marcel Williams, before the stocks of the sedative midazlolam expired at the end of April.

Ledell Lee, and others who were executed in April 2017

In April 2021, new DNA testing found “unknown male” DNA on the murder weapon and bloody clothes found at the scene. However, the test also “found moderate support” that blood on Lee’s left shoe could have belonged to Reese.

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