Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Franchise Faces Delay in Shooting Again

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Franchise Faces Delay in Shooting Again

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 8 has been delayed in the midst of the pandemic. This news comes in light of the actor’s aggressive rant over following COVID safety guidelines and protocols.

While the original plan was to shoot Mission Impossible 8 right after Mission Impossible 7, but now filming will have to be delayed due to the pandemic. Sources said this is simply down to the shifting release calendar. Star Tom Cruise will now be needed on promotional duties by the studio for Top Gun: Maverick ahead of that film’s planned release on July 2, and will be out of action for a period. Once that film has rolled out – hopefully to packed cinemas in a post-Covid world – production on MI: 8 can begin, meaning the gap shouldn’t be too impactful.

Tom‘s movie Top Gun

Maverick was supposed to be released last summer, but now it is scheduled to hit theatres on July 2, 2021. Assuming that the date doesn’t move, Tom will likely be on a press tour for several weeks and won’t be able to film MI8. It’s not clear yet when production will begin for that movie. Deadline recently reported that there have been no “pandemic-related travel issues” for filming, as has been reported in some tabloids. The production team just wrapped a shoot in the Middle East and they’re travelling back to London for the final shots.

Over the weekend, Christopher McQuarrie, director of both the “Mission: Impossible” movies, debunked the reports claiming that the seventh film in the franchise had been disrupted by pandemic-related travel issues.

In an Instagram post, the filmmaker revealed the team has successfully completed the Middle East schedule and will be returning to London to make a few “finishing touches” to the film.

“Mission: Impossible 7” is scheduled to bow out on November 19 this year, while the sequel is slated for a November 4, 2022 release.

Here’s McQuarrie’s Instagram post from yesterday:

Release Date for Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise is almost done filming the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 and it will be released on November 19, 2021, as slated.

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