Tom Holland in Spider Man 3: The REAL title of Spider-Man’s third part REVEALED? ‘Spider Man-NO Way Home’

Tom Holland in Spider Man 3: The REAL title of Spider-Man's third part REVEALED? 'Spider Man-NO Way Home'
After much fuss since today morning, regarding the three fake movie title names that the Spider-Man trio gave us, we might finally have the official title name.

Tom Holland posted a video on his Instagram handle where Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon, dressed as their Spider-Man characters, meet up and talk about how they were given the wrong title names, again.

“He gave us a fake name again,” Tom tells the other two, after coming out of Jon Watt’s room. “I just don’t understand why he keeps doing this,” he says.

Zendaya and Jacob tell him in a deadpan tone, making fun of him that they do this because of Tom’s tendencies to spoil movies to the fans. “Name one time I’ve spoiled anything” Tom whines.

We surely can tell more than one time that Holland has unintentionally given us spoilers.


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With this post, fans have finally been given the REAL title of the movie, which is Spider-Man- No Way Home. We hopefully are not being messed with this time. Along with the reveal of the title, fans have also been hinted towards a multi-verse, which we see at the end of the video on the whiteboard.

Just earlier this morning, the Spider-Man trio took to their social media pages to share stills from the upcoming movie, and each shared different titles. In the stills Holland shared, Peter Parker, M.J., and Ned seem to be gathered in some sort of an abandoned establishment. In Batalon’s still, we see the trio of friends at the base of an eerie stairwell and Zendaya’s Spider-Man still shows Peter and M.J. looking over Ned’s laptop.

The third part is set to be released on November 15, 2021!

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