Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Cam Holmes and Emily Fayemiller become the first couple to break Lana’s rules, Here’s all you need to know about the episodes!

Too Hot To Handle

Too hot to handle season 2: First 4 episodes of the show were out today on June 23. Netflix will premiere the second season of too hot to handle in two batches with the first four episodes out on 23 June 2021 from 8 am and the remaining six episodes out on 30 June from 8 am. Fans are excited and are all set to binge-watch these bunch of hot people, controlling their hormones and the ban on “physical intimacy.” There is a total of 10 contestants in the show which includes 5 males and 5 females.

The aim of the show is to let those horny people control themselves and learn how to form an emotional connection without being physical. The rule of the show is to have a ‘sexless summer’ which all of the 10 contestants need to follow. They have to compete for $100,000, which is the prize money. As they keep on breaking the rules, they will pay for it from the prize money as it will keep on getting reduced after each rule break.

Keep reading to know all about the first two episodes of the show.

Episode 1: The cast of ‘Too hot to handle season 2’

In episode 1, all the 10 contestants entered and had an introduction. Girls and boys had an eye on the ones they liked and found hot and attractive and were all set to form a “connection.” They were all excited and pumped up but unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Lana came out with her rules which shook everyone and splashed water over their high and steamy hopes.

The 5 boys include

  • Cam Holmes who is a 24-year-old model and a personal trainer from Britain,
  • Chase de Moor is a 24-year-old Athlete from the USA,
  • Marvin Anthony is a 26-year-old Model and an influencer from France,
  • Nathan Webb is a 27-year-old stripper from the USA,
  • Peter Vigilante is a 21-year-old personal trainer from the USA

The 5 girls include

  • Emily Fayemiller who is a 24-year-old model from Britain,
  • Carly Lawrence is a 24 year model from Canada,
  • Kayla Jean is a 26-year-old model and a bartender from the USA,
  • Larissa Townson is a 28-year-old Lawyer from Australia,
  • Melinda Melrose is a 28-year-old model from the USA.
Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 June Release Date Announced & Cast Reveal -  What's on Netflix
“Cast”- Too hot to handle season 2

Episode 2: Cam and Emily to become the first rule breakers

There was a total of 7 rule breaks in the second episode. Cam and Emily, the couple who could not resist, broke the rules twice by kissing each other. Following them, Melinda and Carly kissed Peter, Melinda and Marvin also kissed and a few others also had their roles in making the rule break number exceed 7. As a consequence, they had to pay for their rule break which cost everyone a reduction of 21,000$ which had left them with a total of 79,000$ of prize money and that was huge, it shook them all. Lana also revealed that the prize money will not be distributed equally amongst everyone.

Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 Trailer: No Sex on Netflix's Dating Show -  Variety
The reactions to the reduced “prize money”

Everyone also revealed to each other about their rule breaks, Marvin was shocked to know about Melinda and Peter’s kiss and got mad at her. Melinda’s intentions were to make Marvin jealous. At the end of episode 2, a workshop was held by Alexandra Roxo who is a relationship expert. This workshop was about having them learn to slow down. In the workshop, the contestants explored “erogenous zones” with some incredible items like feathers, whips and roses, the focus was on self-control.

Peter revealed that he feels some type of a way for Melinda and after a little misunderstanding with Marvin, Melinda asked Peter to come to her bed in place of Marvin.

Stay tuned to know about the third and the fourth episode of Too hot to handle season 2!

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