TOP 10 New Indian Instagram-Influencers Into Comedy 2020 LOCKDOWN Edition

TOP 10 New Indian Instagram-Influencers Into Comedy 2020 LOCKDOWN 1.0

It was unlikely not us when we have imagined our career as Social Media Influencer. But now 31% of kids aged 11-16 would like a career as either a social media influencer or YouTuber – AWN.  In fact for the young generation, ‘social media influencer’ is not just a career possibility, but a goal for many. It’s a way they document their life, including the food they eat and the people they talk to and showcase it to the wider population, and can still earn huge money.

It’s a booming business on Instagram and YouTube and people are reportedly earning a good amount of money over the year.

Why Indian Instagram Influencers are so successful?

Indian Instagram influencers have proven deeply effective in reaching engaged audiences through Instagram, mainly in the entertainment area. Because they are able to build authentic connections with their followers and are experts in the way they present their performances, individual or group.

What’s in it for you?

Discover the Top Ranked Instagram Influencers into Comedy and Music for an Indian audience. We’ve profiled some current top influencers for the year 2020, by a number of followers and in the comedy-music category so you can see who they are and why you should follow them on Instagram.

These influencers are new on Instagram and doing their best to adapt to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. For some, the Pandemic is affecting, businesses are cutting back on as they try to survive, but for them, the Pandemic has helped to bring the audience in good numbers and proved themselves as a one-person-band social media creator.

Here’s the list of our top 10 Insta-influencers of 2020 Lockdown:


1. Yashraj Mukhate

Yashraj Mukhate is an engineer turned music producer, composer, content writer, and social media personality. Known for uploading spoof videos and reprised versions of Bollywood songs on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. During the Corona Pandemic, he uploaded a video featured in the television soap opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (2010) in August 2020. He added his rap beats and music to the video and in a day it went viral that he himself denied believing that it was his video that got viral. In an interview, he said, “I haven’t slept for the last two days as I have been receiving a large number of calls day and night”. He also added, “I have never expected that I’ll receive a call from Rupal Patel (Kokila Ben), who was very happy with my work”. Since then Yashraj never looked back at his struggling time and producing some biggest hits on his Instagram handle.


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2. Ruhee Dosani

Ruhee Dosani is a ‘Punjab di Kudi, now in foreign’, as she mentions in her bio. She has been going quite viral on Instagram with regular videos of her dancing with her Non-Indian friends on Indian songs! Her videos have been getting a lot of views, especially from desi Instagram, who absolutely love her song choices her dance steps along with her foreign friends. Ruhee’s dance videos will make you fall in love with her moves and with the song too. Her idea of creating this type of content is unique and shows how a Happy Dance can make someone’s day.


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3. Moose Jatana

Moose Jatana is a model and content creator, currently living in Australia. She makes funny short videos for Instagram; her most famous videos having over one million views. Moose knows how to handle social bullies, especially those who bully girls and women on social media. She knows exactly how to put herself on a digital detox, where she uses Instagram and reap all its benefits but at the same time protects her dignity, mood, and mental health. She speaks freely on Instagram about social bullies, harassment, insecurities, and mental health by being honest and sassy, a great job on her account to make people feel bad for their actions and hopefully to make them understand their wrongs.


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4. Niharika Nm

Niharika is a 23-year old Youtuber and content creator from Bangalore, currently living in California. She creates funny and relatable videos that are widely loved by people. She has around 844k followers on Instagram right now, with her most viewed video having more than 13M views. She is the first solo creator to have represented India at YouTube Creators for Change two times in a row.


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5. Mayur Jumani

Mayur Jumani is a music composer and producer who often posts hilarious content on Instagram, which has given him quite a lot of followers. He made a music edit of Donald Trump’s speech, trolling him, which has reached almost a million views. He creates his own beats and also posts song covers often. Just going through his feed only once can tell us how talented he is in what he does.


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6. Ronit Ashra

Ronit Ashra is a social media star with over 1.2M followers on his Instagram page. He creates hilarious videos, most of the ones where he accurately imitates a video of a celebrity. He was previously famous on TikTok, but once it got banned in India, he switched to Instagram and quickly gained even more followers there. He has even gotten a response from Ananya Pandey after making a video of imitating her. He also lip-synced to the rap song of Kokilaben, created by Yashraj Mukhate, and he got over 1 million views for that.


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7. Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal is a famous content creator who posts funny videos and reels on his Instagram page.  He is also the host of the Outcast, which is an Indian podcast series, where he talks about various topics including politics, film making, mental health, comedy, and philosophy. Pretty much everything. He currently has 393k followers, with some of his videos reaching more than 3 million views.


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8. Yashvi Bagga

Yashvi Bagga is a 19-year old content creator and comedian who “makes super offensive rants on school, professions, cities and basically everything’, as she has written in her Instagram bio. She has over 38K followers on Instagram. She also makes YouTube videos, where she posts reactions, Hauls, and funny content.


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9. Sanjeev Kariyandy

Sanjeev Kariyandy is a funny Instagram creator with over 61.7K followers who makes his own videos and edits them in a hilarious way. For the time being Sanjeev not so active on his Instagram account or taking a break to produce some better content.


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10. Izma Hakim

Izma is a 7-year old girl who makes videos of her lips syncing to funny audios. Due to her young age, she does not operate her Instagram handle herself, but she does make adorable and funny videos that are loved by many. She as well recreated the famous Kokilaben edit by Yashraj Mukhate, which got more than 2 million views and was liked by Yashraj Mukhate himself.


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