Top 5 reasons why you should watch the movie ‘LINES’ 2021 featuring Hina Khan. Lines reviews, cast, and where to watch?

Top 5 reasons why you should watch Lines featuring Hina Khan. Also check out film ratings and fans reactions here!

Hina Khan in LINES: The film Lines, which is based at the onset of the 1999 Kargil War, featuring the gorgeous and talented actress Hina Khan, released today on Voot, and has been receiving a positive response so far, from the critics and audiences.

‘LINES’ 2021: 1999 Kargil War based movie

The film portrays Hina Khan as Nazia, a strong and innocent girl, who was born and brought up on the country’s border LOC, where she lives with her mother and grandmother. The film takes a turn when Nazia aka Hina Khan falls in love with a Pakistani boy.

The girl marries the Pakistani boy, however, the couple had to live separately with no communications, until the frantic process of getting the paperwork processed regarding the Indian citizenship of Nazia and Pakistani citizenship of Nabil is done.

The film portrays the struggles and challenges of Nazia as she illegally decides to cross the border and meet her husband Nabil. We then see the repercussions of committing to something illegally as we see the burst of gunfire and Nazia’s fate remain unknown.

Nazia’s mother is confident that her daughter is alive and has arrived safely at the destination. They have no idea about the whereabouts of Nazia and whether she was successful in her mission or not.

‘LINES’ 2021: Cast

The cast of the ‘LINES’ 2021 includes Hina Khan, Rishi Bhutani, Farida Jalal, Zahid Qureshi, Ahmer Haider, Rani Bhan, Lalita Tapasvi.

Top 5 reasons to watch Lines featuring Hina Khan

  1. The film received the IMDb rating of 9.5/10. Lines by Hussein Khan is a beautifully scripted and directed story featuring Hina Khan and Farida Jalal.
  2. It is a cross-border love story with a powerful ending.
  3. Heart-wrenching story which will touch your heart and soul.
  4. A beautiful portrayal of how love stands above religion, borders, and politics.
  5. Last but not the least, the cast of the movie, including the very talented Hina Khan and her extraordinary acting skills.

Fans reaction to Lines featuring Hina Khan

Fans and admirers of the Big Boss contestants and actress, touched with the beautiful movie Lines, featuring their favorite Hina Khan. They couldn’t help but appraise the actress for her brilliancy in portraying the character of Nazia in the movie.

Check out some of the reactions from fans here:

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