Toxic BLACKPINK’s Lisa fans from South East Asia are being criticized for terrorizing other BLACKPINK member’s social media

toxic solo stans of blackpink's lisa are being criticised for throwing hate on other members

In the K-pop industry the fans will be able to be considered to be some of the most passionate, and at the same time, the extreme personalities. Even though there is a difference between good and illogical, the fans, who are wise, honest and fair about their favourite idol as well as the other members of the group, there are also people who go to the extreme, and can do more harm than good. Lisa’s solo stans came up to throw hate on the other members- Jennie, Jisoo and Rose and after this netizens poured in with criticism for the toxic fans.

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Solo Stans of Blackpink’s Lisa Under Fire For Throwing Hate On Other Members

These solo stans are the fans, who are largely in support of a single member of the idol group, and express hatred towards other members. In the K-pop industry, and the fans are considered to be some of the most passionate, and at the same time, they possess extreme personalities.

Akgae fans are known for their loyalty and love for one member of the group, and, mistakenly believing that it was to send hate messages to other members of the group, they think it works as a favor for their idols. The international department in the kpop fandom has always been a big problem, and it seems that it was only made worse by the social security and online anonymity.

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Recently, one netizen took to an online fan community platform to express their anger and irk toward the BLACKPINK fans of such characteristics of toxicity. The netizen explained, “Lisa akgaes from South East Asia are a real problem. The extent of this is a real issue. They poured swear words at Jennie when BLACKPINK first promoted saying that Jennie is the only one being supported by the company. They cursed at her saying she’s ugly, can’t sing, and said all sorts of curses at her. Then, Jennie wrote a message supporting Rose and they cursed at her too.”

The netizen continued to explain, “Then when Rose posted photos, they kept attacking her on the comments so she deleted her post. The Southeast Asian fans are a real serious issue. They keep talking about Lisa this and Lisa that on the comment section on other members’ posts.”

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