True Beauty Streaming : Where to watch K-Drama True Beauty in India?

True Beauty Streaming : Where to watch K-Drama True Beauty in India?

Where to watch k-Drama True Beauty in India : Kdrama fans all over the world are gushing over this newly aired show “TRUE BEAUTY” with a cast that is a treat for your eyes.

Cha Eun woo, Moon Ga Young and Hwang In Yeop star in the new TVN rom-com. The first few episodes were enough to make the viewers count the days for the next episode to air. The show has amazing visuals, extra cute couples and of course a very intense love triangle.

Fans are already in a dilemma to choose between the lead LEE SUHO and the second lead HAN SEO JUN. Who will end up with our female lead LIM JU GYEONG.

K-Drama True Beauty

The show is based on a webtoon written by YAONGYI. It was Yaongyi’s first webtoon and it turned out to be a hit, securing the number one place on the webtoon charts for a long time.


The main issue the viewers are facing is where to stream the drama. RAKUTEN VIKI lets you stream a couple of episodes free but then it asks for a subscription. To stream the show free, sites like KISSASIAN and DRAMACOOL are quite the perfect solution.

The main reason that Kdrama fans around the world were so eager to watch this drama was none other than THE BOYS. Cha Eunwoo, a visual masterpiece, also a part of the kpop group Astro, plays the main lead. He plays a stern and cold, high school student, a little similar to the character he played in his previous show “MY ID IS GANGNAM BEAUTY”.

K-Drama True Beauty

Hwang In Yeop plays the role of Han Seo Jun, a total baddie. He rides a motorcycle and he just can’t be bothered by anything. He gets in a lot of trouble and we get to know that he used to be best friends with our main lead. He is a total softie for his mom and sister.

K-Drama True Beauty

The resemblance between the webtoon boys and the drama boys is uncanny.

The female lead is not what we see often. She’s into horror comics, metal and goth. She has a past of bullying but despite of that she’s a ray of sunshine. Her positivity is what draws the boys to her. She has a heart made of gold and makes the show gushy in a very pleasant way.

K-Drama True Beauty

The drama is full of humor which hits exactly at the perfect time, but it’s also quite emotional. It’s a pain to wait for all the episodes to air but of course, it’s worth the wait. It’s a delightfully colourful rom-com, every scene keeps the viewers indulged.

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