‘”True Beauty” will be remembered as a very precious drama to me’- True Beauty’s Heartthrob Hwang In Yeop Shares Letter For Fans, Grateful For The Love He Received

'"True Beauty" will be remembered as a very precious drama to me'- True Beauty's Heartthrob Hwang In Yeop Shares Letter For Fans, Grateful For The Love He Received

After the tremendous success of TVN’s new kdrama TRUE BEAUTY, the cast received immense love and support, so much so that it was overwhelming for the actors. The cast included Moon Ga Young who played Im Ju Kyung, the female lead along with Cha Eunwoo and Hwang in Yeop who played our mesmerizingly handsome boys- Lee Suho and Han Seojun.

The drama aired its last episode on February 4, and although  Hwang In Yeop already shared his thoughts on the drama coming to an end, he took a moment to address his fans directly. The actor/singer took to his Instagram account and posted a heartfelt letter thanking his fans and expressing how grateful he is for all the love that was showered upon him.

The letter read:


This is actor Hwang In Yeop.

It’s my first time writing a message to the fans, so I’m very nervous.

“True Beauty” will be remembered as a very precious drama to me. I was truly grateful and happy to play a beautiful and wonderful character named Han Seo Jun.

And the biggest reason why this drama is so precious to me is because I was able to meet my fans who supported me.

Thank you for sending lots of love and support during filming and until the very last “True Beauty” broadcast. I wondered if I deserved to receive your overwhelming love, but I was able to finish filming the drama without getting tired because of the fans who always supported me.

It’s so sad that we have to say good-bye to “True Beauty” and Han Seo Jun, but I hope this remains as a beautiful drama in your heart that you can take out whenever you miss it and want to see it.

I will do my best to greet you in the future with further improvement, so please keep an eye on me, and if you wait a bit, I will return with a different side of me.

Once again, thank you for supporting me.

Make sure you wear a mask until COVID-19 is gone. The weather is very cold. Please take care of your health so that you won’t catch a cold, and I hope you will always be filled with joyful, good things wherever you are.

I sincerely thank you for thinking fondly of me and loving me, and I love you.


Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop rose to fame through dramas like Tale of Nokdu and 18 again. Fans are currently in a dilemma to choose between the two main leads as both of them continue to steal hearts. Viewers were mesmerized by the actor’s voice when he performed Alex’s Flowerpot and Maktub’s To You My Light in one of the episodes.

He even sang the official soundtrack for true beauty called “Missing You”. This is the first time the actor has officially sung any OST.


Hwang In Yeop’s melodious and deep voice stole hearts the minute he was seen in the drama. Hwang In Yeop’s ‘bad boy with a heart of gold’ performance as Han Seo Jun has captured fans’ hearts’ worldwide, catapulting the rookie actor to newfound stardom. He gained millions of followers ever since True Beauty was first aired.

True Beauty is based on a webtoon written by YAONGYI. It was Yaongyi’s first webtoon and it turned out to be a hit, securing the number one place on the webtoon charts for a long time.

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