TVF’s Aspirants Controversy: Dark Horse author Nilotpal Mrinal claims TVF’s Aspirants story is from his book, accuses makers of theft, Check it out

TVF's Aspirants

TVF’s Aspirants: Sahitya Akademi Award winning writer Nilotpal Mrinal has alleged that TVF’s show Aspirants has been plagiarised from his book Dark Horse. Created by Arunabh Kumar, the web series follows the lives of UPSC aspirants staying at Delhi’s Old Rajinder Nagar. The season finale of the series dropped on May 8.

People have liked the web series TVF aspirants a lot and it is in discussions nowadays. This web series made its fans very soon, but now the bad news is coming for its makers. Fans will be shocked to hear that Nilotpal Mrinal, a popular young writer of Hindi, has accused TVF aspirants of theft. Everyone is shocked by this accusation.

Nilotpal Mrinal has accused TVF’s Aspirants of theft

Nilotpal Mrinal says that the story in the series is from his book ‘Dark Horse.’ In a long Facebook post in Hindi, Nilotpal has claimed that TVF’s latest web series ‘Aspirants’ is based on his 2015 book ‘Dark Horse.’ Created by Arunabh Kumar, the web series is the life story of UPSC candidates residing in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. Since these allegations, the anger of the users against TVF’s Aspirants has cropped up on social media. Users say that they should give credit to the writer in the series.

Author Nilotpal Mrinal claims TVF Aspirants story lifted from his 2015 book  'Dark Horse', to sue makers! | Web Series News | Zee News
Nilotpal Mrinal on TVF’s Aspirants

Here’s what Nilotpal Mrinal said in his post on Facebook, Read below:

ये तस्वीर 9 feb,2020 की है। यानि “एस्पिरेंट” आने से 15 महीने पहले की।
ये तस्वीर मैने इसलिये लगाई कि,ये आपलोग जान सकें कि “एस्पिरेंट” के क्रियेटर अरूणाभ जी इस बात से नहीं मुकर सकते कि वो मुझे बतौर डार्क हॉर्स के लेखक के रूप में नहीं जानते।
जब कि मैंने खुद भी उनको बताया कि ” डार्क हॉर्स पढ़ के देखियेगा,इस पे कुछ बन सकता है।…

इधर खुद ही “एस्पिरेंट” के तथाकथित लेखक का अपना दावा है कि उन्होंने ये कहानी 2019 में लिखी।और डार्क हॉर्स प्रकाशित है 2015 से…..

तो फिर अरुणाभ जी ये ईमानदारी से बतायें कि,जब उन्हें 15 महीने पहले पता था कि,ये चोरी का कंटेंट है तो उन्होंने एस्पिरेंट के लेखक को टोका क्यों नहीं?
एक चोरी से उठाये गए कंटेंट को स्वीकृति दे उसपे सीरीज बनने दिया।
डार्क हॉर्स तो 2015 में आई है। ये बात क्या छिपी हुई है?
तभी तो मैं कह रहा हूं कि 2019 में “एस्पिरेंट” लिखने का दावा करने वाले लेखक(जो उन्होंने खुद ही अपने पोस्ट में कहा है)
ने डार्क हॉर्स की मूल आत्मा ही चुरा ली है। पात्रों को सीधे उठा लिया है।
डार्क हॉर्स के लाखों पाठक ये बात अच्छी तरह देख रहे और इस चोरी के खिलाफ उनसे सहयोग मांगता हूं।

डार्क हॉर्स के पाठकों से अनुरोध है कि, कम से कम आप पोस्ट लिख कर , ट्विट कर ये जरूर बतायें कि आपके किताब डार्क हॉर्स से कंटेंट उठाया गया है।
ये तो खुली लुट है,इस लुट के खिलाफ़ की लड़ाई में आप पाठक ही मेरी ताकत हैं🙏🙏🙏जय हो।

Mrinal accused Aspirants team of copying the show’s plot from his book “Dark Horse”

Book Review : Dark Horse By Nilotpal Mrinal - Directing My Dreams
Dark Horse by Nilotpal Mrinal

Not only that, in his post, Mrinal told how he met Arunabh Kumar of TVF and suggested that a film or a web series based on his book ‘Dark Horse’ could be made. He even wrote that the meeting was good. He further states that theoretically 30 percent of the ‘Aspirants’ story is based on his book.

He shared, “People must have thought writers like Nilotpal come and go every day. Recently Satya Vyas’s Banaras Talkies was also stolen, what could these people do?”

The author further shared, “I’ll fight for Dark Horse, if I lose it will be the loss of Dark Horse’s writer, but if I win, it will be a win for every struggling writer whose stolen stories have turned into hit films/ web series.”

Mrinal says that after watching the web series, he has arrived to this conclusion and wants to take the matter to court to get justice. He also wrote, that his “claims are based on discussion with the law and copyright specialists.”

The author has received the 2016 Sahitya Akademi Award for ‘Dark Horse.’ In such a situation, now they can take legal actions against the makers of ‘Aspirants’ and TVF. It is being said that the author himself saw the series when he saw it, he found out the truth.

About the show: TVF’s Aspirants

The story of the series revolves around the UPSC Aspirants and tells about their Journey, Struggle, and life, how they pass the exam, how they struggle what are their strategy to finally become IAS. The series is a real drama that would show the real story of UPSC students. The web series released on the TVF youtube channel on 7th April 2021.

TVF’s Aspirants team’s response

Responding to Mrinal’s allegations, TVF released an official statement, that reads, “TVF is a creator-centric organization which has been nurturing writers since inception and takes their rights very seriously. A social media post has alleged that our show “Aspirants” has been inspired from another literary work. The Company has recieved a notice in this regard and we will fully cooperate to investigate the matter.”

Aspirants — the five-episode series stars Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, Namita Dubey and Sunny Hinduja, among others.

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