tvN’s ‘The Devil Judge’ ratings continue to rise and maintains No. 1 viewership ratings: All you need to know about the Dystopian Thriller

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Since tvN’s ‘The Devil Judge’ started with number one viewer ratings in their first episode, its third episode ratings continue to rise as it rises by 7.0% new, up from 6.9% last week. The Ji Sung and GOT7 member Park Jinyoung starrer is receiving immense love and popularity because of it’s unique plot and a very gripping story line. The new drama is set in a modern day dystopian South Korea with a plot revolving around law.

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TVN’s The Devil Judge Soars a New High With Viewership Ratings

“Devil’s Judge” is a play made in an alternate dystopian version of Korea in which the entire country participates in a trial scene in a court which is broadcasted live throughout the nation. Ji Sung stars as Kang Yo Han, the chief judge with mysterious intentions: are you a hero of the people in a chaotic world, or are you a devil wearing a mask?

The third episode released on July 10 and recorded an average viewer rate of 5.5% and rose to 7% (according to Nielsen Korea). Among the most important population figures for those aged 20 to 49, it achieved a national average of 2.5% and a high viewership rate of 3.2%. In particular, it continues to prioritize all its channels on all channels, including social media networks.

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Arranged in a modern dystopian in Korea, the chief judge of the case, Kang Yo Han (introduced by Ji Sung) points out the need for change. His courtroom is considered to have been a real place where he unjustly punished the innocent, giving him the nickname “The Devil Judge.” As a divisive person with an aura of mystery that encompasses his true identity and desires, society is not convinced that he is a real hero or an individual, sowing the seeds of dissatisfaction in his court.

‘The Devil Judge’ plays every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM KST on tvN.

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