Twenty Five Twenty One: Where and When to Watch Episode 4 with English Subtitles

Twenty five twenty one

This week’s list of the most talked-about dramas and cast members saw tvN’s “Twenty Five Twenty One” and SBS’s “A Business Proposal” take the top two spots! For the sixth week in a row, “Twenty Five Twenty One” ranked first on the weekly list of the most talked-about dramas. To determine each week’s rankings, the company compiles data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media about dramas that are currently airing or will be airing soon. Continue reading to find out when and where you can watch episode four.

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Twenty Five Twenty One: A Preview

The journey of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One,’ led by Kim Tae Ri’s cheerful and larger-than-life portrayal of Na Hee Do and Nam Joo Hyuk’s pitiful and ambitious Baek Yi Jin, began. A teenager who feels wronged and a college dropout who has no choice but to live. Their story becomes entangled in a very make-you-believe way and makes you believe it will, with its tiny anecdotes, colorful setting, lively atmosphere, and a tunnel view into the minds of the youth.

Twenty Five Twenty One: Episode 3 recap

We begin in the present once more, with Min-chae dreaming of her mother’s younger self, before she realizes it is the present-day Hee-do watching over her. The entire family bickers and then bickers amongst themselves about a variety of topics, but the only real nugget of information here is that the protagonist did, in fact, make fencing history. Then we see a brief scene of Min- Chae’s massage therapy, followed by a discussion between the parent and her child about why she didn’t give up fencing years ago.


Nam Joo Hyuk’s new drama can be streamed on Netflix with English subtitles. Will you tune in for week two? You most certainly should, and we will. As Na Hee Do’s daughter reads more of her mother’s diary, we are taken on a journey of discovery, friendship, love, and dreams.

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