TWICE Comeback Confirmed: TWICE releases charismatic concept photos for upcoming album ‘Formula Of Love’

twice to make a comeback

TWICE have released the first collection of concept images for their upcoming third full album, ‘Love Formula: O + T = <3’. As announced, the girls began releasing official jokes on November 1st. In this set of mind pictures, TWO members are seen showing their different charms in 4 different versions of the concept pictures.

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TWICE are ready to put you in the trap of love with the release of their upcoming album, ‘Formula Of Love: O + T = <3’. In a recent update as shared on October 29, the girl group released a schedule and song list for their 3rd full-length album.

The schedule is distributed over the heart chart following the formula concept from November 1 to November 13. Including photos of many ideas, captions for their album, 2 music video teasers, live comeback scheduled for November. 12, a few hours before the album is released. The first play of their song titled will be shown on MTV Fresh Out Live.

In a new development, TWICE has released a photo set of interesting ideas for their upcoming album, and we love their various avatars.

TWENTY PICTURES can be distinguished between images of ‘formula’ concept and images of ‘love’ concept. In the image of the concept of ‘formula’, members distribute the films of attractive scientists, who appear to be smoking in coats of labs and mirrors to complete the look of madness. In the picture of the concept of ‘love’, the band has revealed their impressive videos of girls, who look beautiful with stylish clothes and lovely makeup.


In the third concept image, the members are dressed in a bubble-gum pink, which reflects lovely expressions. Finally, in the last photo released the girls share a sweet kiss that shows their long-lasting friendship, and which shows the amazing bond shared between BOTH and their fandom, ONCE!

At that time, ‘Formula of Love: O + T = <3’ will be packed with 17 amazing songs including “Scientist”, “Push & Pull”, “Hello”, and “1, 2, 3”. TWICE’s 3rd complete album will be released on November 12 at 2 PM KST / midnight EST.

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