Twice’s Sana Stars in a Japanese Band’s MV The purpose is truly heart touching

On February 11, the Japanese band Kobukuro released a special version of their music video for their song “Graduation,” starring Twice’s Sana. The song was first released on March 31, 2020, as a gift to students who couldn’t attend in-person graduation ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the use of LED screens, we were able to reproduce the streets of Osaka and South Korea. While looking back on the fun memories of Osaka, these sights connect to a Korea full of hope and then to a beautiful space where cherry blossoms dance. It was very difficult to convey the production to Sana and the staff remotely and although we discovered many things we need to improve upon, it was a fresh and valuable experience.”  Said the director of the MV.

TWICE Sana, who was born and spent her school days in Japan, was chosen to be featured in the music video. Takuto Shinbo, the MV director, shared with Billboard Japan that they utilized LED screens to reproduce the streets of Osaka and South Korea.

The song and music video reminded her of her childhood, as it portrays her journey as a young girl in Japan to a grown woman in South Korea. Shooting this music video gave her the chance to reflect upon her memories and her own graduation, and the path her life has taken since then.

“Before shooting the music video, the staff filmed certain places in Osaka that were familiar to me and seeing those places, looking back, I was able to recall even more memories of that time. It was extremely fun being able to feel the perspective of Kobukuro. They’re an artist that added color to many people’s youths, so it was a great honor to receive this request.” Kpop group’s Twice’s Sana said.

The video portrayed Sana who positively moves forward towards the future. Sana received us with a smile that had no hidden agenda and helped us make up for parts that couldn’t be portrayed remotely, showing us a world-class performance. It was a huge honor being able to work with an artist who competes on the world stage.” Said Takuto Shinbo

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