Undertaker challenges Akshay Kumar for a real rematch after Khiladi shares a meme on defeating him. Akshay defeated Undertaker for real?? Here’s the truth..

Akshay Kumar

Last sunday, actor Akshay Kumar shared a hilarious meme that said “Raise your hand if you have defeated The Undertaker” as he celebrated the movie which released in 1996. Akshay was celebrating Khildayion ka Khiladi 25 years (silver jubilee). Fun Fact : he also mentioned that “It was Brian Lee who played The Undertaker in the film”.

Khildaiyon ka Khiladi :

Khiladiyon ka Khiladi released in 1996. The film starred Akshay Kumar alongside with Raveena Tandon and also starring Rekha in her first villain role. The movie also casts former WWE wrestlers Crush and Brian Lee as ‘The Undertaker’. In the film, Akshay had a fighting scene with The Undertaker where he defeated him with his brilliant skills. To mark “Khiladiyon ka Khiladi” 25 year on a hilarious note, Akshay revealed that it was Brian Lee who played the role of Undertaker in the film.

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Akshay Kumar VS The Undertaker :

Akshay shared a meme featuring himself, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesner and Triple H, in the caption he wrote, “A hilarious note to mark 25 years to the release of #KhiladiyonKaKhiladi tomorrow! A fun fact though : it was wrestler Brian Lee who played The Undertaker in the film.” The post went viral in no time and as his fans were talking about it on social media and it amazingly got The Undertaker’s attention. Replying to his post “Undertaker (blackmaster) challenges Mr. Khiladi for a real match. He wrote “Ha!! Tell me when you are ready for a REAL rematch”. Onto which bollywood actor also responded within no time to Undertaker’s challenge and said “Let me check on my insurance and get back, bro!”


Gulshan Grover also retweeted : (demands for a #khiladiyonkakhiladi 2.0 featuring Real Undertaker)

Gulshan Grover who also starred in the movie and played the role of King Don who hires The Undertaker for wrestling competition. He also tagged Brian Lee and retweeted Akshay’s post and demanded for a Khiladiyon ka Khiladi 2.0 featurind Real Undertaker.


As Akshay mentioned in his post that it was Brian Lee who portrayed the role of The Undertaker (fake Undertaker). But many people didn’t know about this as Brian and Undertaker had some similarities. Though, Brian Lee didn’t have much fame in WWE, on the second hand, Mark Calaway aka Undertaker is one of the longest serving wrestler.


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