Valkrae picks LilyPichu’s song for UsTheDuo to cover: Women’s Day special


On International Women’s Day, folk pop duo, consisting of a husband and wife, Us The Duo tweeted that they will be producing a song live on Youtube by any female artist. They specially asked famous gamer Valkrae (real name Rachel Hofstetter) what her favourite song is, so that they can cover it.

“For INTL Women’s Day, we’ll be producing a song live on YouTube by any female artist today at 3:30pm PST! Also, we’d love to highlight @Valkyrae (a fellow Filipina using her platform for good)… if she tells us her fave song by 3:30PST, we’ll cover it!”, they wrote on Twitter.

Valkrae did reply to the request, and suggested a song by LilyPichu, titled ‘Dreamy Night’. Lily Pichu, who’s real name is Lily Ki, is an American twitch streamer, musician and YouTuber. Lily was over the moon with her song being recommended by Valkrae, and replied with a bunch of crying face emojis. What’s better than women supporting the works of other women on IWD!

Valkrae is best known for her gaming livestreams on YouTube, and is one of the most viewed streamers on the platform, with over 3.13 million subscribers on YouTube. Valkrae and her group of friends, including Sykkuno, Corpse, Toast, Fuslie, Ninja, etc got a lot of fan following for their Among Us streams.

Here are some of her best gaming streams!

Valkrae also recently hit 2 million followers on her Twitter account.

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