“Doctors are God”: Varun Dhawan joins the fight against Doctors’ Harassment in an Instagram live session on June 5, Calls it ‘inhumane’ Read here to know about the in-depth conversation

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan and Manan Vora’ Instagram Live session on June 5: Varun and Manan were live together from Varun Dhawan’s Instagram handle where they discussed how Doctors are being treated these days. Varun expressed his concern about the matter and was totally against the harassment that the doctors are facing in current times. Both of them had a conversation of about 21 minutes about the same. Keep reading to know more!

Varun Dhawan said, “Doctors are God”

In these tough times, only Doctors are working for humanity, they are the ones saving lives in this COVID-19 Pandemic and not giving up on their roles and responsibilities. How can people disrespect or humiliate the people who are serving the nation with their generous efforts and working hard day and night, trying to save as many lives as possible? How can people out there harass the ‘Doctors’, the ‘Life-savers?’

Varun Dhawan and Manan Vora gathered on an Instagram Live Session to raise concern for this issue

Manan Vohra who was discussing this issue with Varun Dhawan is a 28-year-old, young Doctor, he expressed his concern about the doctors’ harassment going on in current times. Manan also shared about the Live session on his Instagram handle a day prior, that is on June 4. Check out his post below:

Varun Dhawan raises his concern to stop the violence and abuse towards the Doctors

Manan Vora shared his opinion and said,

People can’t go about abusing doctors, the hospitals are overworked, especially since the Pandemic. The Doctor-Patient ratio can never be great in a country like India. People need to calm down and wait until the patient is attended to, it doesn’t mean that the doctor is negligent, they are working continuously to save lives.”

He also talked about the rising health care expenses as the modern health care system requires tools and types of equipment for the treatment so the people belonging from a rural background become outrageous and fall into financial crisis after they get their bills for the treatments, he mentioned this as one of the reasons of harassment towards the Doctors. This thing is not there in a Doctor’s hand so there is no point lashing out at them for such reasons, it is not justified.

Varun expresses his gratitude towards the Doctors and says,

“It is very wrong to abuse or disrespect doctors, they are above everything presently. He says, Doctors are not at fault, You can’t attack or harass them”

Importance of creating awareness against abusing or attacking Doctors

Manan says, “Imagine going to your workplace with a fear of violence, a fear that you can be beaten up today”, It is definitely not a peaceful situation so creating awareness about this issue is just the first step, Only then can people be able to think about the consequences for abusing or attacking a doctor.

Varun also adds further, “How hurt the Doctors and their families would feel to deal with such a situation.”

Both of them ended the live, discussing to bring about a change in people’s mindset and spreading more awareness about this issue.

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