Viral Video: “Humesha Ladke hi Galat Nahi Hote” Who is Bhuvan Chandra Joshi trending on Twitter? Here is everything you need to know about the 19-year-old boy who was beaten to death!

Who is Bhuvan Chandra Joshi

Bhuvan Chandra Joshi: Another boy who was played victim card and beaten to death after the Zomato guy, as the woman falsely accused him of harassing her. 19-year-old boy named Bhuvan Chandra Joshi, residing in a small village of Uttarakhand was beaten to death by the village residers, after a woman played victim card by falsely accusing him of harassing her.

The only fault of the 19-year-old boy was that he met the girl, who called him herself. Bhuvan and his friends were allegedly beaten up by the people of the town, even after the Bhuvan’s attempt to utter the exact story in front of the village residers. The villagers had beaten him up until he took his last breath without listening to his side of the story.

After the incident, #JusticeforBhuvanChandraJoshi became a trend on twitter, with people asking and pleading for the justice of the 19-year-old, who was played a victim card.

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Who is Bhuvan Chandra Joshi?

Uttarakhand, a state where the CM questions the girls for wearing ripped jeans has miserably failed to consider the laws of its state, ignoring the poor and falsely accused beaten up to death and definitely has no time taking in view the people dying from mob lynching.

Another boy was played victim card by a woman who called him to meet her. Bhuvan Chandra Joshi, a 19-year-old boy residing in Almora, Uttarakhand was beaten up to death by the village residers, who was falsely accused of harassing the woman, who called him herself.

A video surfaced the internet in which the 19-year-old boy was pleading in front of the village residers to at least listen to his side of the story. Unfortunately, all his efforts to defend himself went in vain. The incident made people asking the pseudo feminists their veracity and made them question if girls are always right.

Tears of a woman has taken away the life of an innocent boy as he was allegedly beaten up by the people and had to face their cruelty, brutality and hatred for a crime he didn’t commit.

How did the incident take place?

Bhuvan Chandra Joshi, living in a village named Rubal, Almora had gone to visit a girl in a neighbour village. The two of them were seen together by the village residers which created a scourge and commotion.

Taking in view the turmoil that was shaped in the village, seeing a couple together, girl played a victim card and took the advantage of the situation. She allegedly accused Bhuvan Joshi for harassing her, which led to a mob gathering and surrounding Bhuvan and his friends.

The village people had beaten up Bhuvan until he took his last breath, without even listening to his side of the story. A video surfaced internet in which Bhuvan was pleading in front of the villagers to show that he was guilty and at least listen to the recording that the girl sent him for meeting him.

However, the mob didn’t even care to listen to him and believed in the girl who falsely accused him.

Justice for Bhuvan Joshi trending on twitter.

Soon after the incident took place, #JusticeforBhuvanJoshi became a trend on twitter with a lot of people asking for the justice of the innocent boy. Have a look at some of the tweets here:

Well, we all stand with the 19-year-old innocent boy and let’s hope that the justice will be served soon to him as he was played a victim card.

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