Vishal Kotian disrespects guest Devoleena Bhattacharjee when the latter confronts him about being diplomatic with everyone

Vishal Kotian

Vishal Kotian reacts on Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s opinion about him: The first episode of the week was interesting as the guests came in the Bigg Boss house to give their and audience’s opinions to them. Rashami Desai, Guatam Gulati and Devoleena Bhattacharjee entered the house. They picked up various contestants and told them about their game and how they are looking outside. Rather than taking it in a postive way, Vishal Kotian did not like Devoleena’s opinion about him and got offended which was a disrespectful behaviour for a guest.

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Vishal Kotian gets offended when Devoleena Bhattacharjee confronted him

Devoleena Bhattacharjee confronted Vishal Kotian about the same statement that he said to three people in the house. Devoleena told him that he said, “You are the only one in the house, I trust you the most” to three people including Shamita, Jay and Tejasswi. Vishal Kotian replied that equations keep on changing in this house to which Devoleena said that this is not about equations but emotions. She said, “You don’t care about anyone’s emotions” to which Vishal got offended and said, “You will not decide that.” It was a rude reply but Devoleena said that it is looking like that only. She said, “We are the audience and we will only decide because we are watching.”

Devoleena was talking about how Vishal has been playing with the emotions of his friends. Vishal refused to agree and didn’t come to see her, when she was leaving. Along with Shamita, Vishal went inside the house and told her,

“Ek ghanta pakaa daala, ek toh saala bhuk lagi thi, kuch bhi bole jaa rahi thi. Main kyu sorry bolun. Main usse gyaan loonga joh mujhse gyaani ho, usse nahi jiska gyaan mere se neeche ho. Khud top 7 mein bhi thi kya?”

This was an extremely disrespectful statement. Not only with Devoleena, Vishal also misbehaved when Hina Khan came into the house on the Weekend episode. This was not expected from Vishal Kotian and it has left the viewers disappointed.

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