Was Sushant Singh Rajput murdered? ‘CBI confirm SSR Murder’ trending on twitter. Check out the full story here!

Was Sushant Singh Rajput murdered? Fans demand CBI Confirm SSR Murder.

It has been more than a year since we all lost the heartthrob of Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajput, waiting for the mystery about his sudden death to unravel and justice be served. Fans have been trending CBI CONFIRM SSR MURDER on twitter today, claiming that their favourite actor was murdered last year on June 14.

Considering the bruises, broken leg, and injuries all over the body of Sushant Singh Rajput, it is very evident that the actor had been murdered and it doesn’t require any sort of validation. Fans have been trending SSR on twitter since his demise, waiting for the justice to be served and the culprit be executed.

Was Sushant Singh Rajput murdered?

As hard and grim as it is to accept, we cannot refuse to believe the fact that the most loveable and genuine actor of Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajput had been murdered a year ago, considering the injuries and bruises the world saw in the picture of his body that went viral.

Fans are trending CBI CONFIRM SSR MURDER on twitter, claiming that their favourite actor was allegedly murdered and demanding the CBI to release its official statement with no delay as all the evidences validates the fact that the actor had been brutally killed. They also demand CBI to arrest the suspects and put them behind the bars.

Since the demise of SSR, fans never put a halt on their demand to unravel the mystery behind his death. They’ve been trending the actor and demanding CBI to solve the mystery and unleash the evidences to the world about his murder. They’ve been very patient and stood by the actor like the warriors since his demise.

We all want justice to be served to the late actor by executing the culprit and team for their filthy doings. The whole world is waiting for CBI to release its final statement with evidences.

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