Wayv finally made a comeback: Releases New Mini Album, Drops Music Video For “Kick Back”

Wayv, NCT’s Chinese Sub-unit has finally made a comeback. They kicked off a new mini-album with a music video for their track “KICK BACK”.

Released today, on March 10, 2021, the septet from NCT showcase their talent through their vocals, dance skills, and stunning visuals. Prior to the release of the Mini Album, Wayv held a showcase, where they gave fans a glance and glimpse of the upcoming record and even performed some songs of the upcoming album.


“All of the songs on the album are fantastic and well-produced, we are excited to share it with our fans“, said Wayv on their mini-album showcase. Watch the music video of their latest track “Kick Back” below.

Fan reaction

Here’s how fans showcased an array of emotions and appraisals for Wayv’s Kick Back.

WAYV about their Album

During the showcase, the members shared the stories and inspiration behind some of the track off of Kick Back. The album features six tracks, all from different genres, from hip hop to pop ballads.

“The lyrics are quite interesting. An action figure, the narrator of the song wants to give hopes and dreams to others even though the reality is harsh” Said LUCAS on “Action Figure”.

“We haven’t released many ballad songs…I love the lyrics of ‘Horizon’ because it is dedicated to our fans. It says, even tough I can’t see you right now, I’m waiting for the day we’ll meet again and till then i won’t let go of your hand.” Said the vocalist Xiaojun.

“It’s a catchy trap, R&B song that will remind you of a sentimental night. The lyrics saying you should move on, putting your heartbreak past behind.” Said Hendery on “ALL FOR LOVE”.

Kick Back comes as the group’s most recent comeback, following their debut album, Awaken the World, as a subunit of NCT, in June 2019.

Listen to their new mini-album:


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