What is Cosplay? And Top/Best Five Cosplayers in India and their personal life


Cosplay is the art of dressing up as popular comic book, gaming or TV Show characters, and it is already big in countries like Japan and the US. This form of art performed by people has slowly been getting more and more attention and fame in India, specially since the first edition of Comic Con India in 2011.

People from all over India are getting recognised for their talent in this field, and there’s no doubt that it is going to flourish even more in the future.

So here’s a list of the top five cosplayers in India

Medhavi Srivastava

Medhavi is a cosplayer, concept artist, illustrator and game artist, and grew up playing video games.

She has so far won the The International Dota Cosplay Competition, ESL One Mumbai, Fan’s Favorite ComicCon India in 2020, Dreamhack Mumbai and TI9 Best Technique Cosplay. She was also the first woman from India to win the international award for best technique in ‘T19 Shanghai’. She says that it was her most memorable moment.

Her recent art was also recognised by Shashi Tharoor, who shared it on his twitter account and wrote, “We all know some leaders have blinkered vision, but when a leader sees only “screened” reality, it’s all the mor essential that those screens tell him the truth. Will our media have the courage to show the leader what he’s not seeing, or continue to depict only what he wants to see?”

Cosplay, Medhavi Srivastava
Medhavi’s Instagram Story

Ankita Kemkar

Ankita Kemkar got into this unique form of art from the early 2014. “Honestly, I always wanted to dress up as characters but I didn’t know something like this actually existed here. So the idea was there but it got into form once I saw many of my cosplay friends do it, I look up to them.”, she said.

In BAC’s Cosplay workshop, Ankita Kemkar was given the award for the Best Female cosplayer, who donned Re-L Mayer (from Ergo Proxy).

Rohit Kailashiya

Rohit Kailashiya is a costume designer and cosplayer at Redemption Props, and he has won several national and international cosplay competitions. He was the Dota 2 Cosplay World Champion in 2019, and got a lot of attention for the costumes that he had designed.

“Both art and science have been a part of my life.”, Rohit said in a podcast, as to how he got into costume designing. “I decided to take a year back in my college and I decided to make cosplay crops as like my part-time job; I would just make it and sell it to people, and eventually I got more and more deep into it. I realised that I was actually really good at it.”

A lot of his art involves making costumes out of clay, and one of his best costumes took almost 8 months to make. The size of the costume was huge, and the details in it were perfect.

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Akanksha Solanki

Akanksha Solanki is another artist, who has always held love for comics, anime, manga and video games, which eventually led to her interest in cosplay. She attended her first comic con dressed as a casual ‘Wonder Woman’, and her interest in the art went only upwards from then.

“I was able to enjoy the simplest joys of being a kid. In school, I had dressed up as Sita, Mother Mary and a fairy godmother. This along with my love for anime led me to dive deeper into the Japanese culture and cosplay – a combination of all things. Cosplay is a way to bring to life the characters I love,”, she said. “The next few years, I went back to back as Chun li, a female gaming character from ‘Street Fighter 2’. She’s the first lady of fighting games and is a total badass. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to cosplay part-time as a professional.”

Currently, she is one of the most famous cosplayer from India, with over 26.5k followers on Instagram. She has dressed up as various characters, which mostly include those from animes.

Tanzim Pardiwalla

Tanzim Pardiwala is a 24-year old who is currently working as an entertainment and culture writer. She always held an interest in reading books, watching sci-fi and action movies, and got involved with cosplay when Comic Con arrived in Mumbai. “That coupled with my martial arts background gave me a longing to be a superhero of some sort, the need to be ‘a master of disguise’,” she had said.

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