Emily in Paris Phone Case: Where to buy ‘Emily in Paris’ Phone Case from?

Emily in Paris Phone Case: Where to buy Emily in Paris Phone Case from?

Emily in Paris: This ten-episode long Season 1 of the Romantic TV Drama Emily in Paris released on Netflix on 2nd October and has created a serious buzz for the right reasons. The show captures the adventures of Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins when she gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to Paris for a year and be the “AMERICAN POINT OF VIEW” for a luxury fashion/lifestyle marketing firm.

The show mostly focuses on her struggles to survive in Paris and cope up with the polar professional environment. She starts an Instagram account with the same name, Emily in Paris, to document her stay. The new Instagram account is an instant hit.

Emily Cooper, from Emily in Paris, possesses all characteristics of GenZ and is therefore extremely relatable as a character. She is competitive, focused, independent, and all about technology. The fun begins when her passion for the work she does comes across as obsession for her new french associates.

On the personal front, having broken up with her former boyfriend, Emily is sad and lonely in the City of love. Her quest to finding love keeps the audience on the toes. Her sizzling chemistry with the next-door hotty, played by Lucas Bravo, is cute and dreamy. Have a look for yourself-


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Emily in Paris is full of cliches and yet fun to watch. Besides the painstakingly handsome men with the french accent, which catches the attention of the audience the most is her OTT outfits. The outfits are full of designer handbags and shoes from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Siriano, Kenzo, and others.

Emily in Paris Outfits
Emily Coopers Outfits in Emily in Paris

Emily makes a fashion statement with every outfit of hers with bold colors, mixing different prints, color blocking, the bags and shoes, EVERYTHING! She somehow makes it work and looks chic and classy. Emily in Paris delivers some major fashion inspiration through every outfit of hers.

Us viewers are in awe of the looks and outfits from the show. Recreating those outfits will require us to burn a hole through our pockets, maybe bankrupt us. Sadly, we cannot copy her outfits.

Emily in paris phone case
Stills from Emily in Paris, featuring Emily in Paris Phone Case

But do you remember the iconic phone case? Yes! that beauty. The vintage 3D camera phone case has made numerous appearances through the show.

This phone case is a perfect accessory for all the Instagram obsessed people out there. It can indeed be the ideal prop. I bet that phone case has a separate fan base of its own. Do you not believe me? See for yourself.

What if I tell you that you can get your hands on a similar phone case and get closer to your dream of living like Emily?

A few places you can buy similar phone cases are-

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Enthopia Links-

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Do let us know if you would like to get your hands on these cases and if you find this article useful.

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