WHO IS CAL IN EUPHORIA? What is his bittersweet backstory?

who is cal in euphoria

Cal is another complex character portrayed in HBO MAX’s super hit series Euphoria. He plays the role of Nate’s Dad, who is another complex personality shown in the show. Since season two started airing recently, fans are more inclined and interested in finding more about Cal’s origin and backstory as he got an individual episode that gave us an insight into his past.

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In Euphoria Season One, Cal Jacobs is introduced as a local real estate agent and the father of resident bad boy Nate Jacobs – played by Jacob Elordi. He also has an older son, Aaron Jacobs, who – according to Rue’s account – he and Nate consider him a “f ** k-up”, because of him being a failure and not living up to Cal’s expectations.

Cal is still married to Nate and Aaron’s mother, Marsha, who became pregnant in high school – however, Cal is repeatedly unfaithful to his wife. Cal, shown in a flashback who has been struggling with his sexual orientation since childhood, cheats on Marsha with a lot of gay men and trans women.


The role of Cal Jacobs is played by an American actor called Eric Dane. He has also appeared in another tremendous show called Grey’s Anatomy, where he played the role of Dr. Mark Everett Sloan. He has also worked in a couple of movies like Marley and Me, Burlesque, and Valentine’s Day. Eric Dane has been praised by a lot of people for the perfect portrayal of his role of Cal Jacobs in Euphoria.


In the third episode of the ongoing second season, Euphoria focused on Cal’s difficult almost heartbreaking childhood.

To give us a glimpse and insight into Cal Jacob’s high school life, we learn how he once had an inseparable bond with his best friend, Derek, who Cal also has romantic feelings for. Despite his real feelings, Cal is shown to suppress his attraction to Derek and begins a relationship with a classmate who will be his wife in the future, Marsha.

Just as Derek and Cal seem to be abandoning their lies about their sexualities by trying something on the night of graduation, Cal is forced to return to reality when Marsha tells him she is pregnant with his baby the next morning.

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