Who Plays Laurie in Euphoria? Should we be scared of her Scarily Calm Attitude?

who plays laurie in euphoria?

With the release of the second season of HBO MAX’s chart-topping show “Euphoria,” fans are excited to find more about the new additions to the star cast of the show. One of them is the actress who plays the role of Laurie, the chaotically calm drug dealer who deals with Fezco (played by Angus Cloud). Here’s everything you need to know about Laurie and the actress who plays her role in season two of the show.

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Laurie, who worked with Fez’s supplier Mouse before Ashtray killed him, appears in the first game of Season 2. Rue, Ashtray, and Fez pass by before heading to the New Year’s party. While they were there, Laurie’s goons made them undress to prove they weren’t wearing wires, and Fez had to explain Mouse’s sudden disappearance.

We also meet Laurie in the third episode of the season, when Rue runs out of drugs and decides she has nowhere else to look. In one of the most heinous steps she has ever taken, Rue proposes to Laurie a rabbit scheme, in which she will sell drugs to her various (thoughtful) high school friends and give Laurie a huge return on her investment. Laurie doesn’t ask too many questions and just gives Rue a $ 10,000 bag full of drugs.


Laurie in Euphoria is played by actress Martha Kelly. Best known for her role in Baskets, the 53-year-old comedian began her acting career back in 2016. Since then, she has starred in several notable films including Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Marriage Story, and the American Gods program. She also portrayed a character named Bethany in the adult cartoon series The Great North.

Kelly’s unforgettable character in the series is a sure sign that we will see her in a lot major roles soon.

Is Laurie from Euphoria the scariest person you could ever come across?

Euphoria fans have been introduced to a few different people with bad intentions over the past two seasons, but it seems like no one we have ever met is as bad as Laurie. “She’s a monster,” Martha, the actress who plays the role of Laurie tells us, adding another descriptive name to calling her a “sociopath.”

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