Why Attack On Titan Is A Masterpiece : 5 reasons for the success of the Anime

Attack on Titan (Japanese: Shingeki no Kyojin) is perhaps one of the greatest TV shows ever made. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of all time, and will likely go down in history as an all-time classic. Attack on Titan made it’s debut in 2013 and was a smash hit not only in Asia but in the west too, because of the incredible combat scenes, the gut wrenching animations and of course the charming characters.

The series focuses on Eren Yeager, a young boy who is trying to rid the world of colossal man-eating humanoid monsters called Titans. The story sounds simple enough, but as the plot progresses, things get a lot more complicated and a lot darker. Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season started to air in December 2020, and is still on air. Fans are counting days for the the show to air the next episodes.

When we look at IMDB’s top tv show episode ratings, the number one spot is surprisingly held by Anime TV shows with with at least 1,000 ratings.

Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 17: “HERO” is currently sitting at #1 with a 9.9 rating, right above Game of Thrones‘ Season 6 finale. Moreover, Attack on Titan has another episode in the top ten and three more in the top 50, which is interspersed with acclaimed shows like Breaking Bad and The West Wing.

5. The Intense and Gripping Music

Attack on Titan is so gripping throughout each and every episode because of the phenomenal music that comes along the critical scenes. Whether it is a combat scene, a titan fight or even an emotional scene, the music is always on point. Attack on titan is known to have the best soundtracks among all of the other Anime series.

The opening themes from the first season will truly stand the test of time, as both “Crimson Bow and Arrow” and “Wings of Freedom” featured incredible instrumental and orchestral performances.

4. The female Characters

Attack on Titan is said to have the best character developments of all time. The female characters being so fierce and so graceful, they are literally a sight to behold. Typical Shonen Anime depict their female characters in a rather crude way but Attack on Titan did absolute justice to its female characters. Mikasa, being one of the strongest fighters in the series is also one of the strongest and fearless characters. She suffered traumatic loss and yet outshone everyone.

Historia/Krista probably has the best character development as she goes from being a shy, fragile and innocent girl to being the queen of the Paradis Island. Hanji Zoe is the perfect commander and leader one can desire.


3. No Filler Episodes

Other Anime series like Naruto and Dragonball z have quite a few of filler episodes in order to give the plot to advance and progress but Attack on Titan has none of these filler episodes. The anime is so spontaneous, you cannot even skip a few minutes or even a few seconds. So much happens in one single episode.

So far, the anime does not have any filler episodes, which is quite refreshing because the studio could have easily added fillers in order to stretch things out and milk the franchise.


2. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is the most skilled fighter/warrior in Attack on Titan beside Mikasa, who is also an Ackerman. The amount of love this character received is simply phenomenal. Fans all over the globe sometimes question themselves about how can they fall in love with an animated character? That’s the power of Levi Ackerman.

Levi has an insanely huge fan base and he is one of those characters that become more popular than the actual protagonist. He literally takes down multiple titans in seconds with his swift moments and has fixed the top spot in several character popularity polls. Levi is a short man with a resting face, and a personality so deep, it’s almost unnerving. He is an empathetic clean freak who managed to survive a very dark childhood.


1. Not Your Traditional Shonen Anime

Shonen manga and anime have always been aimed towards young demographics, particularly young male teens, which is why most series contain PG-level violence, but it also explains why most of the protagonists are teenage boys. The desire Eren possesses to avenge his mother’s death and wipe the Titans’ existence from the earth is the strongest and the maximum of how much Shonen characteristics Attack on Titan contains.

The anime contains a lot of violence and gory themes, there are enough instances where the terror of war, torture, genocide, bloodbath, mass destruction and other dark themes are touched upon and this is what makes AOT appropriate for adult viewership, especially when they learn more about that dark time in human history.

Attack on Titan revolves around the brutal realities of war, rife with themes of death, loss, duty, and perseverance. The show’s first season establishes the dystopian world and the core mysteries surrounding the origin of the Titans.

ATTACK ON TITAN amazingly portrays human emotions, one of the reasons it’s so addictive. The plot becomes so deep at certain points, it’s too difficult to process.








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