Why is #BoycottShahRukhKhan trending on Twitter? Why Boycott Pathan? Here’s everything you need to know!

Why #BoycottShahRukhKhan trending on twitter? Here's everything you need to know!

Boycott Shah Rukh Khan: Not a single day goes by when twitter bees don’t keep their demand to boycott or eradicate someone at the front. #BoycottShahRukhKhan is now trending on Twitter with netizens demanding Bollywood to boycott king Khan, claiming that the actor is loyal towards Pakistan and its people while residing in India.

The kind of people demanding to boycott the king Khan are the only ones segregating people on the basis of their religion and caste. There might be any other reason for their demand to boycott the actor other than his religion, however, the tweets shared by netizens are totally evident that they demand to boycott the actor as he’s assisting Pakistan and not India.

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Why Boycott Shah Rukh Khan trending on twitter?

#BoycottShahrukhKhan is a new trend on Twitter today where netizens demand to boycott the actor for supporting Muslims and not Hindus. SRK PRIDE OF INDIA is also trending on Twitter at the same time where the fans and admirers of King Khan are supporting and assisting him, claiming that he selflessly supports India at the time of any crisis or catastrophe.

Boycott Pathan movie

Twitter bees also demand to boycott the upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan i.e. Pathan alongside Deepika Padukone. Netizens claim that Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are the ones residing in India whereas their heart lies with the people of Pakistan and the country, upholding them to their fullest.

Check out some of the tweets from netizens supporting the trend here:

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