Will BTS Release New Music In Korean? A music critic hopes that BTS goes back to their roots

will bts go back to their korean roots?

BTS has been releasing mainstream English music for quite a while now. Their single “Butter” topped the Billboard Top 100 charts for the seventh consecutive week, which has been a great feat for the Korean septet. On July 9, the boyband dropped another all-English track called “permission to dance”. The song’s release sent fans into a frenzy but there were also some fans and critics who were hoping for something different this time.

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Will BTS Sing In Korean Again?

After the release of BTS’ latest track “Permission to dance” a lot of debates and discussions have fired up on social media community platforms. Music critic Jung Min Jae put forward his crisp and honest opinion about BTS and the music they have been releasing. BTS has always been famous for their excellence in multiple genres, their discography being unique, fierce and mesmerising.

Jung Min Jae About BTS’ New Music

The music critic Jung Min Jae said, “Bright melodies and lyrics that include names familiar to the English-speaking and American public – It’s similar to the previous songs. Although it’s exhausting to hear three songs that follow the ‘hit-song formula’ in one year, this song itself is the best of the three. It’s easier on the ears and the melody is quite charming.” 

He continued explaining, “I’d like to think of these as special event releases. I’d like to think the recent works are different from the previous works that have been released given the special situation with COVID19. In the next releases, I’d like to see that edge and boldness that they have shown in their previous works again. They have been sufficiently successful landing on the Billboard charts.

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This sparked up a conversation between Netizens with different opinions on the social media platform. “I disagree. I think a lot of English-speaking fans entered the fandom with the three English songs and now these fans listen to BTS’s Korean songs. That’s why there are even memes about it,” “I’m not a BTS fan but I received so much healing from ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ I think it’s just a perfect song for me,”

“I get what the music critic is saying. I feel that BTS’s song style did change this year,” “BTS did release a Korean album recently so I don’t know what this critic is saying,” and “I think 100% people would have criticized BTS if they released intense songs like ‘ON’ or ‘Black Swan’ during a time like this.”

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