Will Twice Renew Their Contracts With JYP Entertainment? Netizens come forth with speculations

twice contract with jyp

TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry. The group has gained a huge popularity as it is one of the leading female groups of the third generation. With their debut in 2015, Twice will be coming soon to the end of a seven-year-old contract for which the girls are considering the extension of their contracts with JYP Entertainment or go their separate ways.

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Netizens Discuss Twice’s Contract Renewal With JYPE

As the time of the contract renewal is approaching for the popular girl group, one of the netizens started a discussion in the community about the question related to Twice and the renewal of their contract with their managing agency JYP Entertainment.

The netizen who created the online community post wrote, “I’m not saying this with bad intentions but I feel that TWICE members don’t want to promote anymore. They seem tried. TWICE members are always under scrutiny by millions of people and are always criticized for everything they do. Also, the members’ health and mental health have decreased a lot. I feel like the members won’t renew their contracts because they have the money they earned over the years and also they have few years of experience too.”

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Other netizens joined the conversation and commented, “I agree but TWICE members are more popular as a group and there isn’t any specific member who has their own recognition outside the group. I feel they should stay together,” “No one member stands out so I think it’s better for them to stick together,” “I do feel that the members do look tired.”

“I definitely think they won’t renew their contracts, they’ve been criticized so much for their singing and such,” “In one interview, they said they want to leave the entertainment industry when they’re at their prime. Also, I feel Jeongyeon needs to recover more because of her disc,” “I feel like some members would renew the contract but some won’t,” and “It would be bad for JYP because TWICE is so popular.”

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