Yerin’s New Romance Web Drama Begins Filming: Scheduled To Premiere Next Year

yerin begins sjooting for new romance drama

Yerin has already started recording a new web drama “Sea Village Cloud Resort” (original title translation). After signing with the Sublime art agency in June last year, Yerin will be appearing in this new drama which is scheduled to air next year. Read on to know more about the upcoming drama.

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YERIN’S CHARACTER IN “Sea Village Cloud Resort”

The “Sea Village Cloud Resort” is about cloud chasers, who live individually under a different sky, as they meet on Ulleung Island. A healing youth love drama tells the story of what happened as they planned a secret trip to Ulleung Island, which shows a cloudlike love in the process. Theatrical actor Yerin is the owner of the ocean cloud shelter Goo Reu Mi, Nam Dae Jung as the famous artist Koon Woon, and Kim Jae Won as the Cheon Ri Ahn, a college graduate in the field of space science.

Goo Reu Mi is a native of Ulleung Island, and she loves clouds and nature. He will start a love triangle with Koon Woon and Cheon Ri Ahn when they arrive on the island as they search for the owner of the video camera together.

Kwon Woon is an apathetic and famous photographer who travels here and there while painting pictures of the clouds. It automatically finds a video camera and goes to visit Ulleung Island to find its owner. There, he falls in love with Goo Reu Mi when he first sees her.


Right now, Yerin is preparing to make her debut in December with the upcoming web show “Witch Shop Reopening,” which also plays forward for Yonghee’s CIX. Yerin made her debut in 2015 with GFRIEND and appeared several times on various different programs. After the group decided not to renew their contracts with Source Music, Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency last June.

Rookie actor Kim Jae Won will be turning into Cheon Ri Ahn. Before graduating, Cheon Ri Ahn visits Ulleung Island to express his feelings of anxiety and to meditate quietly on his thoughts. He joins Goo Reu Mi and Koon Woon, while Cheon Ri Ahn is slowly falling apart due to the charms of Goo Reu Mi and Ulleung Island.

In line with the three major directions, Joo Ha Rin will play Goo Reu Mi’s older sister Goo Rom, who will tell the past holiday stories.

The chief executive Park Gyu Wook of The Star E&M, the company responsible for producing the game, shared, “I feel proud to inform viewers not only in Korea but from all over the globe that they know about the beauty of Ulleung Island through the web show.” The CEO has extended its decision to produce more drama content in the future that continues to showcase Korean tourist destinations. Earlier, the web drama company produced “The Cost of Life” (real title) and “Bio Homme.”

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