“YG Stop Sabotaging Lisa”: Fans furious after Blackpink’s Company continues to mistreat Lisa

Yg stop sabotaging lisa

Blackpink’s Lisa’s continuous mistreatment has enraged fans from all around the globe and the hashtag “Yg stop sabotaging Lisa” is now dominating the Twitter trends.

Who Is Lisa?

Lalisa Manoban is the main dancer and rapper of the biggest girl group in the world- Blackpink. The group has amassed great sucess over the last couple of years as they rose to fame with their hit “Dudu dudu du” which has over a billion views on Youtube. Ever since their breakout performance at Coachella in 2019, the all-female K-Pop group, Blackpink, has made an indelible impression on a stateside audience — all at a time when Korean pop music has undoubtedly merged into the mainstream.

The multitalented and multilingual Lisa is the youngest member of the group, was only 14 years old when she auditioned to become a trainee with South Korea’s YG Entertainment, and speaks Thai, Korean, English and Japanese.


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Is YG Entertainment mismanaging Lisa?

Complaints about YG Entertainment’s alleged negligence concerning the direction of one of their most popular acts have been brewing for some time. There have been a constant concern over YG mistreating Lisa and the ensuing backlash from fans caused the hashtag #YGSTOPSABOTAGINGLISA to trend on social media. The BLACKPINK member was the target of hateful messages online after her red carpet appearance at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, the backlash from her fans has been swift, with the creation of then #RespectLisa hashtag on Twitter to show their support for the girl group member.


In recent times Lisa has been been shadowed in some of the promotions that YG does for Blackpink, for example, in some of the posters, she was blurred out, almost invisible. As she dropped dance videos on the channel LILI film Official, there was no promotions for her by YG of any sort. Some of YG’s actions have started to sabotage the relationships Lisa has with brands all over the world. Here’s what came up after fans dig in deep to support Lisa.

Lisa’s fansites form China 57&58, sent major support to her announcing that they will only be focusing on Lisa in their upcoming content,not the other members, till she gets the respect and recognition she deserves.

Blinks- the offocial fandom name for Blackpink have been giving their best to support Lisa by tweeting in mass, “ENOUGH WITH MISTREATMENTS. Lisa deserves more than the bare minimum efforts that the company Is giving her,she’s doing her job well done, she puts lots of effort so you have to treat her right. She deserves better YGE. YG STOP SABOTAGGING LISA.”

YG photoshopped a product the company has a collaboration with, on a picture of Lisa holding the product of the brand she is the ambassador of. This is simply sabotaging her relationships with the brands she collaborates with.

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