“You are fooling Indians with Corona”: Watch Delhi’s couple misbehaves with Delhi Police over compulsory face mask rule. Here’s all you need to know about the incident and the couple involved

Delhi Police

A woman has been seen misbehaving with the Delhi Police in a viral video on being asked to follow the “face mask rule”: India is battling the second wave of COVID-19 virus and various state government have imposed certain guidelines to be followed by the public. Recently, a video has emerged on Twitter where a married couple can be seen misbehaving with the Delhi Police after they were stopped for flouting COVID-19 safety protocols. As per government orders, a car is considered as a public space and people travelling in a vehicles are supposed to wear a mask. The rule also applies to a single person driving the car.

Woman misbehaved and abused on-duty Police Staff in Delhi over Compulsory face mask rule even while driving

When and where did the incident take place and who is the couple involved?

This incident took place on the second day of weekend curfew imposed in Delhi by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. The couple -identified as Pankaj and Abha, residents of Patel Nagar – were not only seen without the masks, but they also argued with the police personnel stationed at Darya Ganj area when they stopped them. In latest developments, the couple has now been arrested. The husband was arrested yesterday while the wife has been arrested today.

In the video shared by the Delhi the woman can be screaming at police officials in Hindi and her husband also chimes in middle. Check out the video below:

“Why should I stop my car? I need to rush, so I will. What’s wrong in not wearing mask inside a closed car? What has stopped anyway by wearing masks? Now, if I kiss my husband what can you do? You’re just making fool of the public and the world. And if you’re a bit ashamed then do upload the video,” she can be heard saying in Hindi. 

“You will impose a fine? Yes, I have not worn a mask, I am travelling with my husband inside my own car, how dare you stop our car?” the woman continues to say.

After the woman steps down from the car, one police officials says that he has the right to stop her. The woman then turns more livid and says, “I have cleared UPSC Mains, don’t talk to me about rights.” One of the officials then said that since the woman has cleared UPSC exams, she should behave in a more responsible manner.  “Is this your right to stop a running car in the middle of the road? What kind of right is this, tell me?” the angry woman said in her reply.

The couple has been arrested for misbehaving with Delhi Police

As per reports, the couple were then taken to Darya Ganj Police station and an FIR under relevant sections of the law was registered against them. The video has gone viral on social media where several users have slammed the couple for acting so irresponsibly and misbehaving with police personnel on duty.

Check out the twitter reactions on this misbehaviour with the Delhi Police:

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