“You are ugly,” Certain BTS fans under fire for their disrespectful behavior against Lee Suhyun of AKMU

some bts fans under fire for cyber bullying

Some BTS fans posted mean comments on another idol’s livestream chat. Lee Suhyun of South Korean duo, AKMU, did a broadcast live on the Naver stage “V LIVE” with a video titled “Hi!” With the Duo’s last live stream back on May 13, 2021, she never imagined what would happen next. Read on to know what actually happened.

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Certain BTS Fans “BULLIED” AKMU’S Suhyun

On October 13 at 2 AM AM KST, K-pop sibling duo AKMU’s Lee Suhyun did a vlive broadcast but little did she know that the events would take a turn for the worse. Live Chat was heavily spelled with comments written by BTS fans. The live broadcast event also took place on the birthday of one of the members of BTS, Park Jimin. As a result, comments such as: “I’m waiting for Jimin live” and “hbd jimin aaa” among many were commented on throughout the two-hour and 7-minute tour.

Many also criticized her appearance, saying: “bad” and more. Inside her live broadcast, she also revealed that her parents were watching the broadcast on TV with their friends. Suhyun, who was well versed in the comments, addressed the situation as kindly as possible: “Please do not fight. You can use 반말 (unusual sentences) or 존대말 (more formal) as long as you do not cross the line. artists, I can just look at it. “

Why did BTS Fans target Suhyun?

Commenting on her appearance, in 2018, Suhyun once said: “As for my appearance, I have very different values. I have a lot of bad memories about my appearance, so I think I can help everyone understand.

It’s hard to meet the aesthetic standards set by others […] I think I don’t meet the standards of those people. I have no intention of meeting them again. I have my own standards of beauty and, if I can meet those, then I am good enough. No matter what anyone says, if I am good by my standards, I am good enough. “- Lee Suhyun.

Meanwhile, AKMU has released its debut album, Next Episode, with its leading single “Nakka” with IU, which went on to become # 1 in South Korea when it was released. Significantly, their 2019 release “How Can I Love a Sad Heart, It’s You I Love” is still in the top 40 on the Gaon Digital Chart.

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