#YOUNGLEXPLAGIAT: Indonesian Rapper Young Lex Under Fire For Plagiarizing EXO Lay’s Music Video

young lex plagiat

Indonesian rapper Young Lex is now under fire for plagiarizing EXO Lay’s Music Video. The similarities are undeniable, but rapper Young Lex has launched insults at K-Pop fans but the KPop stans are ready to fight for their idol.

Fans of EXO‘s Lay Zhang—also known as Zhang Yixing—are furious after discovering significant similarities between Lay’s “Lit” music video and a recent music video by Indonesian rapper Young Lex.

Who is Young Lex?

Born Samuel Pieter, Young Lex is a 28-year-old rapper, singer, actor, and internet celebrity from Jakarta, Indonesia. Since beginning his career in 2011, the rapper has amassed 3.37 million YouTube subscribers and 552 million total views. He gained popularity  with some of his singles like ‘Gas Lah,’ ‘Gue Lo Mereka’, and ‘Cewe Kece’.

Young Lex’s Racist comment about Blackpink’s Lisa

According to a report, Lex has been in a fight with K-pop fans in the past where he once claimed being “attacked” by Blackpink fans who accused him of making racist remarks against member Lisa. Later he claimed that he “made up” that story. He made sexist remarks about  Lisa, in which he even went as far as posting a photo of his face with fake bruises.

But with the recent allegation of plagiarism, EXO fans aren’t letting it go until the rapper apologizes to the EXO singer. An EXO-L wrote, “I was really shocked at this, because until now there has been no apology. I really know Lay worked hard for this, please appreciate his efforts. I’m waiting for his apology. young lex, please, akuin aja.” Another fan wrote, “i think this is the best music video i’ve ever watched. apart from LAY is a member of EXO, i really admire him as ZHANG YIXING. when this video first appeared, i even recommended to my friends to watch it. “it’s really amazing” #YounglexApologizetoLayZhang” and added, however, “is ZHANG YIXING’s hard work appreciated by everyone? the answer is NO. they took all the hard work and ideas from ZHANG YIXING.” 

Young Lex’s most recent music video, “Raja Terakhir (The Last King)”, was released in March 2021. But within hours of the song’s release, K-Pop fans noticed that “Raja Terakhir (The Last King)” appeared to plagiarize “Lit”, a song and music video Lay released in June 2020. According to fans, elements of the music, the visuals, the styling, and the choreography in Young Lex’s music video all bear striking resemblance to Lay’s music video.

He added that he sang the song but did not participate in the making of the video. He concluded by saying that he is responsible for promoting the content for a certain period.


One of the most obvious similarities between both music videos is a scene where a computer-generated dragon rises behind a building. The dragons in the two music videos are similar in design, and both feature a large moon in the background as well as guards holding flags in the foreground. Even the framing of the two shots is nearly identical.

From the color scheme and fire motifs to the way both artists are moving, it’s impossible to ignore the similarities. Even some of the outfits in the music videos bear a close resemblance to each other. Both outfits in these scenes have the same silver trim, and the backup dancers are all dressed in black. On top of that, the dancing takes place in front of a stone staircase in both videos.

Fans found no credit to Lay or his agency in the description for “Raja Terakhir (The Last King)”, which was released to promote the mobile game Three Kingdoms: Hero Legendaris. In a since-deleted Indonesian response in the music video’s comment section, Young Lex stated, “K-Pop fans with MSG brains will say this is plagiarism“. According to Indonesian fans, the term “MSG brain” is used to mean stupid or small-minded.

Since noticing the instances of plagiarism, Lay fans from across the world have called on Young Lex to take the video down and issue an apology to both Lay and his fans. “RESPECT ZHANG YIXING” soon reached the top 10 of Twitter’s worldwide trends with over 75,000 tweets. Lay’s Chinese fans have also been in contact with Lay Studio, the artist’s personal management team. While Lay Studio is reportedly now aware of the issue, they are yet to respond publicly.

Watch both the videos below to find obvious similarities.

Lay’s “LIT”

Young Lex’s “Raja Terakhir (The Last King)”


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