Zayn Malik: Zayn gets a ‘Tattoo’ Of His And Gigi Hadid’s Daughter

Zayn Malik: Zayn gets a 'Tattoo' Of His And Gigi Hadid's Daughter

Zayn Malik and Gigi’s daughter’s name was revealed through an Instagram bio update when Gigi changed her bio to “Khai’s mom”. The baby was named Khai which translates to “Crowned”  and is from Egyptian descent. Her name is possibly in honor of Gigi’s paternal grandma Khairiah Hadid and her sister Bella Hadid whose middle name is “Khair”. Gigi said that she discovered her pregnancy during The New York Fashion Week and it took around four months after the daughter’s birth to reveal the baby’s name to the world.

The couple kept things pretty much private after becoming parents in September but some fans claim that the former One Direction member has paid a tribute to his daughter with a tattoo on his wrist that says “Khai” in Arabic.

Sharing the image on Twitter, the fan wrote: “zayn has his baby girl’s name “khai” tattooed on his wrist in arabic!

The fan noticed the tattoo from Zayn’s Instagram live from 17th of Jaunary. The new parents have kept their baby’s face a secret from the world but have posted pictures of themselves being cute parents.


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