Zendaya on the big screen : Malcolm and Marie

Zendaya on the big screen : Malcolm and Marie

Zendaya returns to the big screen – this time, in black and white- as John David Washington’s lover in “Malcolm & Marie”, set for release in select theaters in January 2021, before being released digitally on February 5, 2021, by Netflix.

Directed by Sam Levinson, who also created HBO’s Euphoria, Malcolm & Marie have Zendaya and John David Washington playing a couple. Washington’s Malcolm is a filmmaker who has returned with his partner Marie from his movie’s premiere and the celebratory mood of the evening turns serious as they begin to share revelations about themselves and things aggravate.

Malcolm & Marie appears to explore the nature of modern relationships. And for anybody who has been in one, the conversation between the two may seem painfully relatable. The film has a black-and-white color scheme and the effect is gorgeous and stark. It adds to the overall feel of the film and is not at all a gimmick. If there were colors, the visual vibe of the film probably would not be that impressive, but the way it’s black and white, simplistic, the vision has awed everyone alike.

After Tenet, it is nice to see Washington once again prove that he can be extremely expressive when the script demands it. But Zendaya is the one who looks like the star of this show. She has proved her acting chops already with her challenging role in Euphoria, and here, too, she is clearly nailing it.

Before her big break in Hollywood, she was actually one of the lead roles in the Disney show, Shake It Up, alongside Bella Thorne. She was a dancer in that particular role and even sang a few songs for it. The show was a big hit and an Indian version of it was directed and aired in India a couple of years ago.

Zendaya and Bella - Shake It Up
Zendaya and Bella – Shake It Up

The actress slash model slash singer is nothing short of crazy talented and passionate.

The film was one of the first to be written and filmed during the pandemic. The production team took great precautions to keep the set in compliance with COVID-19 protocols and to gain approval from the Hollywood unions.

“This is such an insane feat,” Harris said of the film’s production, which took place on a nimble set in Carmel earlier this year over a month and a half. Levinson said he wanted the film to “speak to where we are right now, locked up, at home, in relationships, dealing with love and grievances, and the joy of all that.

Don’t miss out on watching this masterpiece!


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